Honkai: Star Rail – Tingyun Build and Correction to Misconception

For those who have visit in a lot of site for Tingyun build? DON’T FALL FOR THIS MISTAKE! There’s a build going that if you go with full damage build it helps her support… Except not! She’s pretty much like Bennett. You do NOT need extra DPS stats beside ATK at all!

Like most site state the build needs you to build 2 set of Musketeer of the Wild Wheat and 2 set of Band of Sizzling… This give her 10% ATK and 10% lightning damage which is a total joke… You will know why after reading this.

How Her Kit Actually Works

  • 1) Basic attack – Standard 50-110% lightning damage.
  • 2) Skill – Grant a single ally with Benediction to increase their attack by 25-55% up to Tingyun’s current attack. When that ally attack they will deal additional Lightning damage of 20-44% of that ally’s ATK for one time. This only last 3 turns and only the most recent one that get this buff get this additional effect. (This should be obvious it’s NOT Tingyun doing damage but the ally)
  • 3) Talent – When an enemy is attacked by Tingyun (However she only have basic attack), the ally with Benediction immediately deals additional Lightning DMG equal to 30-66% of that ally’s ATK.

(Also again this is “done by that ally” It count as them dealing damage)

  • 4) Ultimate – Regen 50 energy for one ally as well as increase their damage by 20-56%.

Her trace are as following:

  • 1) Her speed raise by 20% for one turn after using skill (She will be VERY fast)
  • 2) Her basic attack gain 40% damage
  • 3) Every turn she gets will Regen 5 energy

As you can see the build that state you need Artifact that increase both her ATK and Lightning damage is just awkward… Not to mention it will only works just on her basic attack cause all those extra damage? It’s the ally…

So the damage calculation would be with them not her! You don’t need those extra lightning damage but instead you need to make her act as fast as she can… You should still go like this.

Artifact Build

Artifact Sets

  • Musketeer of the Wind – This give Tingyun 10% extra ATK, increase speed by 6% and her basic attack by 10% which is her kit…
  • Springhtly Vonwacq – This give her 5% extra energy Regen and if her speed is over 120 she will gain 50% turn advance Forward. This makes her get as much turn and energy Regen to spam her skill/ultimate.

Artifact stats set by priority

  • ATK%
  • ATK
  • SPD
  • Energy Regen (Because she gain more by getting more turn)

Here’s a reason and strategy to why the build had to be this way. Like I said before her kit is around her skill and ultimate. You will pretty much started with her skill and than spam basic attack to get extra energy and damage based of “only her ally” She’s NOT the one doing damage! No it would most likely be your over 2000 ATK Seele that she’s borrowed from…

Even if you stacks her with a lot of critical it’s kinda useless… Her kit is to spam a lot of basic attack to get a lot of orb for “other ally to uses” Building her with DPS beats the point of it all… I just don’t get why the guide often underestimate “SPD” stats so much… SPD is Tingyun’s strongest stats after ATK. If her speed reach insane level she will likely get a turn like after your ally act every 1-2 times. This may seem like she’s wasting a turn but ITS NOT! Having higher SPD means you didn’t steal your ally’s turn! You just act insanely faster! This is how TURN based RPG works… Not “She get more turn thus waste my ally’s turn” That’s just clearly false…

Honestly I do hope people stop building her as DPS build thinking she’s “attacking” with her stats… No most of the time she borrowed those stats… You better off build those DPS stats to your main DPS. You have to make her the fastest Fox alive. This is how you capitalize her kit to the fullest.

Light Cone Should Be as Following

  1. Carve the Moon, Weave The Coulds – Start of the turn get random effect for one turn. This effect can’t be stack and only one of the effects can be applied. Also it will disappear when the wearer got KO.
    • Increase all ally atk by 10-20%
    • Increase all ally critical damage by 12-24%
    • Increase all ally energy Regen by 6-12%
  2. Dance! Dance! Dance! – Advance Forward all ally when used ultimate by 16-24%
  3. Memories of the Past – Give her break effect by 28-56% (Stacks with her hit) When wearer attack get additional energy Regen by 4-8. This can only happen once per turn.
  4. Mashing Cogs – Extra Regen when attacked or attack by 4-8 energy. This can happen once per turn.
  5. Chorus – Increase all ally ATK 8-12% permanently till the battle end.

As of now there is NO good 5 star Light Cone for her. Also no DON’T USES “But the Battle Isn’t Over” This is because she’s not Bronya.

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