Honor of Kings – How to Play Support

Support tips for newbies in this game…

Support Tips fro New Players

  • Help mid lane to gain to lv2 first, as this would determine who would be able to reinforce the other lanes first.
  • Go the enemy jungle and check if he/she starts with the red or blue buff. Buff spawns at 28 sec, an average jungler needs around 7 seconds to finish off a buff, so if your mid is a mage like Zhouyu or Ganjiang who clears away soldiers fast, you have a chance of stealing the enemy buff.
  • Signal to the clash and farming lane that the enemy jungler would be at their lane during 1:15-1:30 depending on the jungler.
  • After doing all that, head straight to the clash lane, as it is easiest to gank early in the game.
  • Go back down to mid, clear 1-2 waves of soldiers, head to farm.
  • At this time your at about lv3-4, if your a support like Donghuang who relies greatly on ult, then this is the best time to 7. Invade the tower and kill the enemy ADC, given that the enemy jungler is now at farm lane.
  • If all goes well, help AD take the red bird plus the brown shelly creature on the enemy side to gain gold, at the meantime always be the one standing close to the river and grasses, so that u’ll have a chance of detecting and blocking the enemy mid or jungler if they happen to come down to reinforce their AD.
  • Do not press the enemy tower unless you have overwhelming numbers, or u’d possibly be double killed if the enemy sneaks up from behind.
  • Always keep an eye on the small map, send signals to your teammates about the whereabouts of the enemy mid and jungler, and alert them if they are gone.
  • Do not break the tower or clear soldiers urself, most supports have low damage, and your other teammates need the gold more than u. Hid in a bush near to the passages where the enemy passes so as to be on the lookout.
  • Call your teammates to keep in a group when the game approaches 10 minutes, and kill 1-2 lone members of the enemy, this would give you an advantage over the dragons. While your teammates are slaying the dragons, walk around the place, make sure no one is hiding in the bushes.
  • Never wander away from your ADC, he/she is more important than the jungler, mage or warrior in a team battle, protect your ADC at all costs, and never be the first to run.
  • Be on close lookout of the enemy jungler and warrior, as they will the two that would be targeting your ADC, always keep at least one control move in your hand to prevent their offence.

Note: That’s it really, some changes for individual supports but as long as your ADC is not bad then the winning chances are pretty high. A good duo can even 2v5 under some conditions.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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