Honor of Kings – Easy Dharma Guide

How to Play Dharma

Buy cloth armor or health crystal as the first item. Learn skill 2. Rush to the lane first. Aim at all 3 enemy minions and just ORAORAORA.

You have just enough damage to kill all three of them in a single burst, and now you’re level 2 before the enemy. Immediately use your S1 to punch them in the face and punch them twice.

Congratulations, you’ve won the first trade against literally every hero in the game not named Shouyue.

From there on, you use your level 2 advantage to:

Stock up two counts of S1 and dish out Ult levels of burst damage.

Begin stealing their jungle and controlling the river spirit because of the above threat.

Harass mid with your superior minion clear speed and mobility. At level 4 with your ult, the enemy kill line is 100% HP if your jungler can follow up. Yeet them backwards instead of towards the wall if the wall is too close to the tower, but try to yeet at the wall anyway. Even if they flash, you have two dashes to counter flash.

Mid game rush Frostscar Embrace and Eye of Phoenix.

Now your S2 heals like over half your health so you never die and your first and third punch in the combo will erase a squishy off the map. Late game, well, it’s just standard tanky fighter shenanigans.

Dive in, CC enemy team while doing half their life in damage, dash out and wait 5 seconds for CD so you can go back and do it again to recover half your health and take the rest of theirs. There’s not really any insane mechanics to worry about like with Jing or Luna, and no complex fancy combo shenanigans like with Mayene. Just buy item, win lane, S123 get kills.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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