Wartales – Armor Explanatory Guide

From what I can tell, it just adds more health. Does it even absorb any of the incoming damage? Read below.

What Does Armor Do?

It works just like any other armor. It deflects damage. The only addition is it needs to be repaired.

There is an attribute called “Guard” which is attached to shield and armour.

For example, an 40% Guard means 40% damage is ‘absorbed’, attack of enemies from behind can negates this protection.

Improved armors also give lots of bonus stats. Things like plus movement, room for armor layer slots, plus attack of opportunity damage, and so on.

Thanks to guard, which absorbs whatever the guard is % of incoming damage or 50% of whatever guard is % of incoming damage from behind, armour accounts for about 2 thirds of your total capacity to take a hit on a tank by level 5. By level 9 it accounts for about 75-80% of that capacity.

It keeps the damage off the body, so the unit doesn’t take injuries and with the various skills that make repair materials better at what they do, armour repair remains the cheap and effective way to keep your units healthy and capable of fighting many battles one after another.

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