Industries of Titan – Fire Gameplay Tips

Please note: all credit goes to BYG Demi!

Tips to Firefighting

Fire Basics

  • Your buildings will catch on fire once they’ve sustained damage past a certain threshold. The fire will increase in intensity if left unattended, can spread to nearby buildings, and will cause a large amount of pollution while burning.
  • Different weather conditions will also affect fire: heat waves will cause your buildings to catch on fire more easily, while rain and snow will extinguish the flames.
  • Methods to fight fire include assigning employees to extinguish a fire by selecting “Repair” or by burrowing your city to smother all of the flames, both of which require credits.
  • You can unlock certain tech nodes that will reduce fire’s pollution, growth rate, and damage over time, as well as the time and credits it costs to extinguish a fire.

Additional Firefighting Tips

  • Pause the simulation often to help assess the situation, avoid speeding up time unless you have all current fires attended to.
  • Dedicate a bunch of employees to repair jobs, this will keep them from starting a new task after a building has been put out.
  • Keep a close eye on fire fighting efforts, if a building is extinguished, cancel the repair action on it to free up the employee for another burning building. Keep a sharp eye out for spreading fire and assign a repair task as soon as it spreads. Once all fires are put out employees can fully repair buildings safely.
  • If there is a fire and the rebel attack wave has been cleared, it’s reasonable to unassign all employees in non-power related buildings to be used towards the fire fighting effort.
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