Infection Free Zone – Beginners Tips

Here you can find few tips for newcomers.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

  • The game shall not be that hard.
  • Finish the first several mission to get 5 extra man asap.
  • Create 5 squads in the first day to scav, let squad 1-2 search for food and squad 3-5 search for weapon (check the squad to make sure no squad without weapon find ammo , that bug will stop the squad to continue scav and i’m not sure if that bug has been fixed, get that squad back to HQ and get another squad search to decrease time waste) , after the first night dismiss 2 or 3 squads for building watch tower and gather woods.
  • No need to build walls when the tips come. It’s a kind of waste of woods. Just build walls before you build farmlands.
  • Don’t leave your squads on ground in night, get them into a building. Go scav in daytime and get your squads back before night come to defend the zone.
  • Choose a squad get into and outside of a building that had been scaved and near your watchtower (don’t too close, make sure the squad get into building before infected reach them) constantly to attract the infected and you will see infected run between your watchtower and that squad.
  • Place the farmlands inside the defense circle so they won’t be destroyed first.

Bonus Tips

  • You can give your squad an order to search multiple buildings by holding shift and right clicking each building. The squad will automatically return to HQ when full and then return to complete the route. Very handy for the first day using 4-5 squads to search the immediate area.
  • Rotate the camera with Q/E.
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