Inscryption – How to Get Special Cards (Second Chapter)

Special Cards Guide

Not all cards can be collected through packs of cards, for some, certain actions are required, which I will describe below.

Special Card of Beasts

It is located in the possession of the silvan at the top right of the map. To get it, you need to open the safe inside the house, the code is the same as in the first chapter: 273

We take meat from there, carry it into a bowl to the left of the house and the animal that comes gives us a reward.

Special Card of Mages

A little more complicated, but nothing supernatural. To begin with, you can go to the northeast of the map, but stop near a stone arch.

Here you can find a road to the left to the makeshift port.

Here you can find a chest and after a little walk you will see a tentacle sticking out of the river (it is not visible on the screenshot, but it will be next to the cursor). Click on it.

Now our path lies in the Mage’s Tower on the 4th floor. In the room on the right is what we need.

Inside you will find a bath, after a little walk you will see a tentacle here too. Click and the card in your hands.

Special Card of Bones

The hardest and most interesting card to get. There are only 3 things to do.

First, get the Obol cards shown below and add them to your deck.

Second, play them in any battle in such a way that the left half was on the left and right, respectively, on the adjacent cell to the right. After that, you will receive an obol, which we actually need, you can end the battle as you like. Take it to the crypt in the southeast, inside you will see a staircase to the basement.

Below you will find a crypt, open it and give the obol. Then you will figure it out for yourself what to do and get a reward. The main thing is not to forget to talk to the character that has appeared twice in order to receive a reward.

Improved Cards

To the right of the center of the map, you can find already familiar mushroom pickers.

They do the same thing as in the 1st chapter, but this time they require specific cards. The results of their experiments are unique cards, so we need them for the collection. Be sure to make all 4 transformations, since in addition to the cards, you will also receive a key that will come in handy in the 3rd chapter.

A Card That Can Be Easily Missed

In the crypt in the Southeast, double-click on the well to get the Drowned woman card.

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