Inside the Backrooms – Sewer Entrance and Creature Avoiding Guide

How to get to the sewers and avoiding sewer creatures.

Guide to Get to the Sewers

How to Get to the Sewers

Go to the party room, when you are done with blowing out the candles there’s going to be a red keycard on the table with the cake on it, when you have the red keycard you have to go back to the garage and find the red door along the walls

Avoiding Sewer Creatures


Rats cannot see you, but they can hear you, so you can walk or crouch walk past them, if you start running they will hear you and start running towards you

Arm crawlers

They cannot see or hear you so you can run or walk past them, beware of weird walking patterns.


Yhey are friendly creatures, they dont move and they cannot hurt you.

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  1. just a heads up there is a exploit where the code for the wire combination gives you a code for the wrong color wires and therefore the level cannot be complete

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