Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – Richest Achievement Guide (Fast Method)

This guide explains how to get rich fast and obtain Richest achievement.

Quick Guide to Obtain Richest Achievement

Guide on how to get rich quick i.e. 100,000 in 2-3 hours

When you start the game you will start with $2,000.

Don’t waste money on PC’s yet.

Just buy the $1370 (or the $1400 if you don’t care) arcade machine on Zamora (they both give you the same $120 income so just buy the cheaper one).

Place it in your cafe and open your cafe.

Everytime someone uses it, you will immediately get $120 per time.

You will get around idk 6-800 day.

Day 2-3 buy another $1370 arcade machine.

You will then double your income. Do this like 4-5 times until you have 6-7 highest end arcade machines.

You will now be making around 2,000-3000 a day. Feel free to save up and buy the highest end PCs, Vr tables, console, etc one at a time.

Employ all the employees and start upgrading your shop.

Around 5-6 irl hours in you will have a max shop and be able to afford everything.

Written by TheShieldsTTV

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