Jagged Alliance 3 – Best Ways to Get Medicaments

How to Get More Medicaments

1) Walk every sector with a higher wisdom character in your party — they will spot more loot in general, in including meds.

2) Don’t have every character bandage in combat. Only people with a decent med skill should bandage, say 30+. I’ve not verified this, but low med skill either will take longer to do it or waste more medkit material.

And on top of this, don’t bandage unless you need to. If someone gets hurt at the beginning of a fight and they are low hp, or if they are bleeding, yeah probably a good idea to bandage, but there’s no point to it if you’re down to 2-3 enemies and you just made a small mistake, no reason to use up your medkits here since the health will just regenerate quickly while resting or traveling. Wounds really aren’t very punishing in this game until someone is really dying. In previous game it was a more interesting mechanic where movement was severely restricted b/c of wounds, as well as AP and a merc was much less effective while wounded. Wounds don’t really affect anything else besides health and maybe morale a little bit which could have a small effect of -1AP but your mercs pretty much are still close to full effectiveness even wounded or unbandaged as long as you are careful for them not to die outright; this means you can save meds by avoiding bandaging and healing wounds sometimes when you are low.

3) You heal naturally over time, so I often leave 1-2 wounds on my characters, especially if they are the only person wounded (because otherwise you have to split your squad or entirely stop as that person is treated). It will go away over time.

4) Only pay for hospitals when you are terrible shape and an attack is coming — or if it’s later game and you have a ton of money to burn.

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  1. There are at least 3 places I have found where you have a hospital type operation available. and can heal mercs for cash instead of supplies. Still takes time but you will be swimming in cash at some point.

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