Just Die Already – Pro Baller Achievement Guide

The Pro Baller achievement is unreasonable, here is how to cheese it.

How to Obtain Pro Baller Achievement Easy

Why Is It So Hard?

This is easily the hardest achievement in the game to complete, even though it sounds simple to just make 10 baskets in a row. It relies on precise, consistent actions in a chaotic imprecise physics game. If you ask me, the required number of baskets should be reduced to at most 5, though even that would be pushing it in unreasonability, with 3, less than a third of what is currently required, being a much more reasonable number . That’s how frustrating it is to make baskets legitly. Other guides I’ve seen go into meticulous setups and still warns it will likely be incredibly frustrating and take multiple hours of attempts. Even though I am a completionist, I was prepared to give up on 100%ing this one. That is how unreasonable this achievement is to do legitly.

After a few minutes of trying, already getting frustrated. Other guides assured me there is no way to cheese it, so found myself thinking, “How does the game track the achievement in the first place?” What is considered a ‘miss’? The conclusion I came to is that the game considers it a ‘miss’ if you pick up the ball without it having made a goal. My solution? Get that ball in the basket without picking it up again.

Initiate the Cheese

Of the two basketball areas in the game, choose the court by the tram and next to the weapons shop. The surrounding walls make this immensely easier.

Step 1: Acquire Platform

Though I think you can use something like a stack of boxes to prop yourself up on, I would highly recommend getting a forklift. It can be a bit frustrating getting the forklift up there, but it is infinitely easier than trying this achievement legitly. Remember to get a full sized forklift, I don’t even think the mini one can make it up the hill. When you get it to the court, park your ride roughly about here:

The positioning of the forks are not important as you will be standing on the cabin and not the forks themselves.

Step 2: Acquire Magnet Gun

A magnet gun, if you haven’t unlocked being able to vend it yet, can be easily acquired by following the sewer pipe located in the right side of the mine filled trench just beyond where you got your forklift. Clear the court of anything the magnet gun can pickup (minus the basketball of course).

Step 3: Cheese Time

With your magnet gun in one hand, pick up the ball with the other. Next, throw the ball, it doesn’t matter if you make a basket or not. Then, without picking up the ball with your hand, use the magnet gun on the basketball. At this point, the game still hasn’t registered that you ‘missed’ your shot yet, as you haven’t actually picked up the ball. Now climb up on top of the forklift’s cab and simply pass the ball down through the hoop (passing it up through doesn’t work), then repeat nine additional times.

Careful not to pick up the ball with your hand else you will have to start over. Also your magnet gun may pick up the scooters that are behind the garage door nearby. Then, congratulations! As far as the game is concerned, you just made ten baskets in a single shot! A frustrating, unreasonable achievement made easy!

Seriously, Why Is It Like This?

Unless this cheese is the secret intended way to get it, this achievement is completely and utterly unreasonable to expect people to do, not to mention unfun and frustrating. I’d encourage the developers to lower the basket requirements at least to five, though three would be more reasonable in my opinion.

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