Legends of Idleon MMO – How to Get a High Orb Score (W5 Miniboss)

Guide to W5 Miniboss

  • My talents during the test were level 347. I’m not sure what level you need on the “Mega Mongorang” (DK Tab 4 Talent 2) to be able to hit every enemy
  • As seen on the Video you never need to actually move from the spot in order to hit the enemies
  • I throw my boomerang and either go up or down the rope and place my statues. Make sure to catch your boomerang again!! Else you need to manually kill them for a while
  • Don’t forget to have your Crystal card set equipped and swap to your Drop rate card set, before killing the Miniboss!

W5 Crystal Farming

Which Map?

  • Tremor Wurms vs Citringes

Farming Tremor Wurms would be more efficient if your DK is set up correctly, but I would suggest anyone farming W5 Crystals to make a one hour test for themselves on each map and see where you get more Statues!

Tremor Wurms Drop:

Mongo Worm Slices, Kruk’s Volcano Keys, Spiral Statues, Golden Grilled Cheese Nomwiches, Golden Hampters and Quotient EXP Potions

Crystals Drop:

Statues (which include Battleaxe, Boat, Spiral), Golden Hampters, Quotient EXP Potions, Golden Grilled Cheese Nomwiches and Magma Leaves

They can also drop Quest Items:

Cloudsound Follower and Corporatube Sub.

Some of the Materials can be used in Crafting:

Kruk Teeth and Kruk Cavities are used for the Divine Armor and Weapon Set. Golden Grilled Cheese Nomwiches and Golden Hampters are used for the Colossal Food Pouch.

Especially Important when farming W5 Crystals:

Battleaxe Statues, Boat Statues, Magma Leaves and Kruk Keys.

Amount of Greenstacks realistically possible: 5

Info: With enough time the 3 Statues can also be Greenstacked.

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