Legends of Idleon MMO – Tower Defense OJ Bay World 5 [170]

Guide to TD OJ Bay World 5 [170]

  • Atom: 632%
  • Cannoli: 60 [76% effect]
  • Party: AAAAB x4 + AAABB x2 + Bs [lvl 90]
  • Stormcaller: BBBBB [lvl 90]
  • Poisonic: ABABB [lvl 90]
  • Frozone: AAAAA [lvl 90]
  • Kraken: BAAA [lvl 90]
  • Void: BBB [lvl 40]


  • Spam every wave (carefully, in early waves, if your void doesn’t have the speed boost, some mobs might not get hit).
  • Party traits based on kraken, as usual, try to get 0.35 or below (below better, never chill there).
  • This dps mode is kinda exxaggerated just to show what you can place that can hit (if you want to do it early start with more krakens, 1 is for the 3 bosses).

Note: Obviously, there are 2 more parties on the platform above (so don’t forget them just because you don’t see them in the image).

These aren’t minimum requirements, try when you feel like doing it:

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