Legends of Idleon MMO – How to Get a High Orb Score (W6 Miniboss)

Guide to W6 Miniboss

  • My talents during the test were level 347. I’m not sure what level you need on the “Mega Mongorang” (DK Tab 4 Talent 2) to be able to hit every enemy
  • The Statue on the top platform is very important. The shockwaves reach the outer edge of the platform and kills any enemy behind you!
  • You want to stand near the spot I am and just spam your Boomerang talent. The boomerang should be able to clear all enemies below and in front of you!
  • Don’t forget to use “Divine Intervention” (Your respawn skill, Tab 4 Skill 3) shortly before it runs out!
  • In order to spawn the Miniboss you want to throw your Boomerang and immediately start walking towards the grave!
  • Don’t forget to have your Crystal card set equipped and swap to your Drop rate card set, before killing the Miniboss!

Note: I messed up the last statue placement and totally forgot how to spawn the boss. Please do not use me as a good example.

W6 Crystal Farming

Which Map?

  • Minichiefs (Second to last map)

The Minichiefs map has 31 enemies and 3 platforms that are not far apart. Thanks to this your Shockwaves from Attacks and Statues (Knightly Disciples) hit 2-3 Platforms at the same time resulting in a very quick map clear!

Info: I chose the Minichiefs map, because it gives the most Statues and Gold Food! If you are not far in W6 yet you can check out my tests above and decide what Map suits you!

Minichiefs drop:

Royal Fabric, Golden Dumplings and Mystery Upgrade Stones 4

Crystals Drop:

Statues (which include Compost, Stealth and Essence), Golden Dumplings, Golden Nigiri, Spirit Leaves and Mystery Upgrade Stones 4

They can also drop Quest Items:

Cloudsound Follower and Corporatube Subs

Some of the Materials can be used in Crafting:

Golden Dumplings + Nigiris-> Two new Food Pouches; Royal Fabric -> Crown of the Gods (Helmet), a new Axe and a new Material Pouch

Especially important when farming W6 Crystals:

Stealth Statues, Compost Statues, Essence Statues, Golden Nigiri and Golden Dumplings

Amount of Greenstacks realistically possible: 2

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