LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Split Screen Monitor Configuration

Perfect for two players on controller – split your gameplay into separate monitors with this configuration guide. Also ensure 144 refresh rate and change other settings!

The Split Monitor Guide

If ingame already:

  1. Navigate to Video Options in Options.
  2. Enable windowed and drag the window to the desired resolution.
  3. Restart game if window misbehaves.

Game Closed – Granular Settings and window size:

  1. Close game first.
  2. Navigate to the following in Windows File Explorer (Windows Key + E shortcut).
  3. C:\Users\W\AppData\Roaming\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
  4. Paste your windows username in place of “W” then paste address into File Explorer. Location of config should load in. I recommend Notepad++ to edit.
  5. Open the PCCONFIG.TXT which has all sorts of display, audio, and other settings.
  6. Begin editing Video Settings in next section.

Video Settings (Resolutions)

For 2 x 1440p Monitors (2K)

  • ScreenWidth 5120
  • ScreenHeight 1440
  • WindowWidth 5120
  • WindowHeight 1390
  • WindowLeft 0
  • BorderlessWindow 0 – This one is especially important for perfect screen coverage!!!

For 2 x 2160p Monitors (4K)

  • ScreenWidth 7680
  • ScreenHeight 4320
  • WindowWidth 7680
  • WindowHeight 4170
  • WindowLeft 0
  • BorderlessWindow 0
  • These calculations for 4K monitors are calculated. Community member can hopefully give perfect settings.

Save your settings. Relaunch game and test. Repeat until satisfied.

Other Notable Settings

  • ScreenRefreshRate 144
  • VerticalSyncMode 0
  • DoFEnabled 0
  • SubtitlesEnabled 1
  • BloomEnabled 0


You’re now running on two monitors, congrats!

Note: Most cutscenes merge both screens to the center of the screen which can be jarring if your dual monitors aren’t aligned nicely.

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