Core Keeper – How to Grind the Mining Skill and Get Ancient Coins while Being AFK

Hello and welcome to my guide for leveling the Minning skill and getting Ancient Coins at the same time while being afk.


Increasing your Mining Damage with equipment.

Helm Slot

Larva Helm

How to get: drop from The Hive Mother (boss in clay/hive biome).

Or.. weaker but easier to get alternative.

Bronze Helm

How to get: craft with the Tin Anvil (cost: 4x Tin Bar, 4x Copper Bar, 3x Fiber)

Chest Slot

Larva Chest

How to get: drop from Ghorm the Devourer (boss roams in a circle and scatters slime on ground)

Pants Slot

Caveling Pants

How to get: drop from any Caveling in the Stone biome/Forgotten Ruins

Off-Hand Slot

Orb Lantern

How to get: craft with Scarlet Workbench (costs: 8x Scarlet Bar, 5x Slime)

Necklace Slot

Azeos Beak Necklace

How to get: drop from Azeos the Sky Titan (boss in the Azeos Wilderness biome)

Ring Slots

Ring of Stone

How to get: randomly while breaking Dirt Walls in the Dirt biome


Ring of Rock

How to get: randomly while breaking Stone Walls in the Forgotten Ruins

I leave these 2 Accessories out:

  • Ancient Gem Ring (+62 mining damage)
  • Ancient Gem Necklace (+3% mining speed)

You get them with the Archeologist Talent but for this Talent you need at least mining level 80 so it’s not something we consider here.

Wall Type

For this method you need to farm the walls first: Dirt Wall, Stone Wall, Grass Wall… the choice depends on your Mining Damage without any pickaxe.

The more mining damage you have, the higher the wall tier should be. (needs more testing for best/fastest Wall type).

Walls have a minimum Mining Damage threshold, so you should have at least this amount or more mining damage for efficiently breaking walls/gaining expierence, so check your mining damage after you equipped your best mining gear (without a pickaxe).

In my case I have 309 Mining Damage with my current mining level, skill tree and gear.

  • If you have 0-44 Mining Damage use Dirt Walls (if you’re already starting here you are lazy my friend).
  • If you have 45-109 Mining Damage use Clay Walls.
  • If you have 110-216/217 Mining Damage use Stone Walls (I am not sure if you need 216 or 217 Mining Damage for the next one), my Mining Damage was 215 (was too low) and 217 was enough for the Grass Wall.
  • If you have 216/217+ Mining Damage use Grass Wall (Azeos Wilderness).

Now that you know your Wall type it’s time for some farming, get your pickaxe and farm 999 of your desired Wall type (yeah I know until now you don’t see any benefits besides wasting your time reading the guide).

I recommend farming until you have multiple 999x stacks of the same kind of wall, you will understand why in the next section.

Last Preperations and Actual Farming while Being AFK

I recommend to shovel the ground like I did in the picture below:

There is currently a bug (0.3.5-05e7 Early Access Version) you lose some of the walls by doing this method as it sometimes doesn’t give you your wall back or it consumes more than 1 wall while punching/placing them.

I figured out if you put your 999x wall stack on the second slot in the toolbar and a single or small stack on the first slot so you’ll be returned a portion of the resources back in the first slot,

(It prioritizes from left to right if you pick something up and have more than 1 stack) see picture below:

I am currently testing if you can avoid any loss and don’t have to farm the walls again.

For the afk farming part go to ingame Settings -> Controls: bind a key for “Attack” and “Use Item”.

For example Attack the key “U” and Use Item the key “I” they are side by side and unoccupied by default.

Now you can jam a coin or something else between those two keys that consistently presses the 2 buttons simultaneously down, or you use a keyboard with macro functions.

Make sure to equip/select the wall in the toolbar/quickbar.

Position the character and the mouse like I did in the picture below and press the keys down, you have to find the spot with your mouse and character where they do not move after punching/placing the wall it’s not that hard but necessary.

This method lasts as long as there are walls in your toolbar, more information on the next section.

Some Numbers

I tested it with 999x Grass Wall at Mining lvl 62 with about 65% (309 Mining damage) and 6% Mining speed while being afk at work. It took me 50 mins to consume all 999 Grass Wall in one slot and I ended up at lvl 65 with about 10% in the Mining skill, while destroying certain wall types there is a chance to get some loot.

This is what i got after 50 mins and 999x Grass Wall:

Worth 1197 Ancient coins.

If you do the math you will gain roughly 1436/hr Ancient Coins, if you manage to replace the wall types after you used up all of the previous stacks if you had my skill stats. Note: 50 mins and 999x Grass Wall is not enough to give an accurate amount of Ancient Coins/hr IMO, but it gives you an idea what to expect.

With my current Mining lvl I could not test it with the Archeologist talent where you gain additional loot from destroying walls.

Maybe if I have time I will max my Mining skill and the Archeologist talent and test for a longer period and other wall types or if you are interested feel free to test it yourself.

As of now I have not managed to replace my stack automatically with a new one, so you have to check once you’ve used up your current stack to replace it manually with a new one.

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