Lethal Company – Basic Guide (No Spoilers)

Attempt to be spoiler-free and give you the info you need to enjoy this game.

Guide to Basics

Welcome to Lethal Company

Attempt to give you necessary information without spoiling anything.

You and 3 buddies are employed by the company. Your task is to collect as much scrap as possible from your destination. You have a quota to reach, shown above your main spaceship controls.

Below the 4 monitors you have the main controls for the spaceship. You can land the ship and go to space with the lever. Next to the monitor there is a button to switch between what person its showing. With this you can see different objects on the map which can have special actions.

On the spaceship there’s also a terminal you can use to:

  • Buy equipment
  • Change the current destination / moon
  • Read about creatures you’ve encountered
  • Write commands
  • You can start by typing HELP into the terminal.

Equipment has different uses that you will find out by typing:

INFO [Equipment Name]
  • You can order several items by writing
[Equipment Name] x[amount]
  • Into the terminal.

You can also shorten the equipment name instead of writing the whole name. At the start you have 60 credits to spend. Credits are earned by selling scrap at the company headquarters.

You can invite friends or have people join the lobby before you land the spaceship. After that you must quit to the menu to allow more people to join. The game saves every time you are up in space. There’s proximity voice chat and I recommend using it for the best communication and experience. You’ll want to hear your friends scream in terror and laugh when you’re dead.

For the controls you can crouch, sprint, drop stuff and interact with doors and buttons. You have a stamina meter in the top left shown in orange. If you’re carrying an item with charge, it will be shown in yellow. You can recharge your items at the spaceship by using the coil on the wall.

On the moons you can encounter different creatures that can vary from peaceful to lethal. There’s also a day/night cycle and different kinds of weather. These will hinder you from grabbing the scrap and delivering it to your spaceship. You can carry several smaller items, but only one larger item. Equipment and scrap both share your 4 slots, so use them wisely.

Written by Danu

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  1. you don’t have to type x[amount], just the quantity you want. ex flashlight 2 will buy 2 flashlights.
    seemingly the terminal is pretty good at parsing what you want as well, as you can also type 2 flashlight or 2 flashlights and any of them do the same thing. I even typed “shop” instead of “store” once and it tried to sell me a shovel, since it just saw “sho” and ignored the p.

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