Library Of Ruina – Easy Queen Bee Cheese Deck

So, you got yourself stuck because of these yellow abomination keep steamrolling you? Don’t Fret. We gonna make sweet cheese out of it very soon (pun intended).

The Set Up for Tamaki Build

So I was trying to tinker around with Yujin deck singleton and suddenly got an idea. Why not try Full Stop Cheese combined with Yujin singleton deck.

Full Stop Build:

  • 3x Tamaki Pages

The Passives

All item from Meow’s Page:

  • Speed (4) -> gives you bonus dice move
  • Meow Meow~ (1) -> 2 random str buff is always welcome
  • Improv Drumming (1) -> give fragile debuff to random enemy (useful but if you are lucky it will stick with the QB)

Combat Pages:

  • 3x Take Shot
  • 3x Indiscriminate Shot
  • 3x hedshot/3x Going for bullseye/Mixed

Side Note: Its pretty cheesy, so yeah just use it for last resort, dont be such lazy arse.

The Set up for Yujin Build (By Me)

Now for Yujin build

Key used:

  • Yujin Page

The Passives

Hanafuda’s Page:

  • Bottom Deal (2) -> Discarding one card during scene will draw 1 card for next scene
  • Stacking the Deck (2) -> Discarding one card during scene will restore 1 light

Olga’s Page:

  • Margin (3) -> draw 1 card and restore one light if your hand is empty

Zulu’s Page:

  • Deep Breath (1) -> Restore 1 light at 25% chance

Combat Deck:

  • Riposte -> if win clash +1 power for next scene
  • Faith -> restore light +1
  • Draw of the Sword -> restore light +1
  • Acupunture -> Boost slash dice power +1
  • Flashing Strike -> if Speed dice roll 6 or higher all dice/dmg on this card +2 power
  • To where prescripts points -> for singleton +2 power and inflict fragile to enemy
  • Execute -> if singelton +4 power
  • Will of the Prescript -> draw 3 pages for singleton
  • Overthrow (3) -> Boost slash dmg +3 for current scene

Side Note: This build would utilize the power of drawing/discard card while supported with light regeneration and singleton bonus

The Fight

While there are alot of ways to beat this monstrous Bee family, This guide will be focused on riddling the Queen herself with Bullets and some Slash n Dice.

Try min maxing your attack that focused on the Big Bee.With luck Queenie will down in 2 or 3 Turns.

Written by RoyalGuardian7

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