Lies of P – New Player Tips

I may not have beaten the game yet but i have more than a solid grasp of the game at this point. I rather not spoil bosses but i can say im in the swamp area for those that know.

Tips for Newbies

  1. Pay attention to the scaling on your handles for the love of god. You’re performance with your weapon will vary greatly based on your stats.
  2. Focus on one primary damage stat aka Motivity(str) vs Technique(dex). Vitality and Vigor are highly important, but your damage stat should be the highest, then capacity as the fourth. If Motivity is your choice of damage then you will need more capacity for heavier weapons in order to use heavier gear while wielding them.
  3. Items are very useful and strong in this game. While in other souls games and souls likes you could almost ignore throwables, here they scale very well and have a lot of power. Do not underestimate their uses. They can make boss fights far easier and deal with out of reach enemies far more effectively than you think they would.
  4. Dodge is still useful but know when to block instead. With high block reduction on some weapons, it might be better to take a hit with the block if you aren’t confident you can get the dodge and then you can punish the enemy to get that health back.
  5. A perfect block is more effective in more cases than a well executed dodge. If you can pull it off, weapons can break, and you can open the enemy up with a stagger. This can lead to a lot of damage.
  6. While a charged heavy attack can set up a fatal strike when their lifebar is white so can a shot put or fully completed fable art. If your weapon has a quick fable art that can come out quicker than a charged heavy , USE IT INSTEAD. Your life will thank you.
  7. Causing electric blitz to an enemy (aka the blue numbers popping up on their life bar once inflicted and the little lightning animation on their bodies) will increase both the electric damage AND physical damage you are doing per strike. This is one of the quickest ways to increase your damage per strike.
  8. Corrosive aka acid once inflicted weakens their stagger resist meaning you will inflict stagger faster. Take advantage of that to shut down tough enemies quicker.
  9. Use those grinders. They are stronger than you expect and with the above two tips can change a fight very quickly.
  10. If you do get used to the dodging it can be rewarding, just remember that it is meant to be an aggressive dodge, it is better used when doing so towards the enemy or towards the right or left, back dodging can fail a lot easier.
  11. Speaking of dodging, the buttons are on release rather than exact press. So there is a slight delay. To double up on this, if you dodge then block, there is a delay as well between those animations. The worst culprit is back hopping then blocking. There is a big delay there, avoid doing that unless you know have the time. Go ahead, try back hopping and pressing block as soon as you can.
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