Lootun – Ancient Bastion/Raids Fire Arrow Build Guide

High Impact and DoT Build

After finishing the snipe build, I wondered if I could do something similar with the other skills with the same damage and attack speed scaling. Those skills being Slam, Fire Arrow, and Meteor. I decided to begin with Fire Arrow, since I wanted to use the newly added ignite rings. This decision turned out to be a great one, with the build doing notably higher DPS than the Snipe build.

The build sort of marries the two types of damage: High impact and DoT. I speculate that it is because of this that it achieves the higher DPS. Also, likely because of this, the build actually seems to be raid viable. I haven’t done extensive raid testing, as I made this build to blast through the Ancient Bastion, but it was doing 200B+ DPS. Improvements could probably be made to increase its raid viability.

Once again, suggestions are always welcome!


  • Defensive Stance might be better since it’s player centric and thus have better uptime.
  • Also Guillotine should be moved to Prepared Assault since you can’t cull bosses without the Cull enchant.
  • If tank can wear the Conflagrate enchant, you can get another DPS enchant on the abyss gem.
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