Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Abomination Melee Lich Build Guide

A melee build that bury anything in a storm of bites and fists. Areelu / The Hand of the Inheritor / Deskari / Baphomet were utterly crushed in a turn.

Guide to Melee Lich Build


With 8 unarmed strikes + 6 bites + 1 gore not even a demon lord can survive a full round attack or a charge!

Race, Abilities, Skills, Background and Alignment

  • Race: Kitsune to get 1st bite
  • Abilities: maximize Strength and Charisma, not need for High Constitution. If retraining is allowed then Con 7 is ok.
  • Skills: Max Persuasion, Max Perception, at least 5 in Knowledge (Arcane)
  • Background: Martial Disciple to improve our unarmed strikes.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil since we want to multi-class monk and be a Lich.

Class(es) and Feats

Lv1: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus Unarmed Strike, Dragon Style

Lv2: Oracle

  • Revelation: Nature — Natrure’s Whisper
  • Oracle’s Curse: Wolf-scarred face (2nd Bites)

Lv3: Sorcerer Crossblooded

  • Serpentine Bloodline and Draconic Bloodline (Conditional 3rd Bites)
  • Choose Blue Dragon Bloodline to troll the Storm Lord Balor

Bonus Feat: Metamagic – – Extend Spell (not truly matter)

Feat:Power Attack

Lv4: Bloodrager Primalist

  • +1 Charisma, +10 feet to speed
  • Serpentine Bloodline (4th Bites)

Lv5: Bloodrager Primalist

  • Feat:Dazzling Display

Lv6: Bloodrager Primalist

Lv7: Bloodrager Primalist

  • Change Bloodline Powers for 2 Rage Powers – Lethal Stance, Animal Fury for 5th Bites
  • Feat: Outflank
  • Spell: don’t forget the Mage Armor and the Shield

Lv8: Dragon Discple

  • +1 Strength

Lv9: Dragon Discple

  • Feat: Extra Bloodrage
  • Bonus Feat: BlindFight
  • Dragon Bite for 6th Bites
  • +2 Strength

Lv10: Alchemists Viviscetionist

  • Get Mutagen and Sneak Attack

Lv11: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Shatter Defenses
  • Bonus Feat: Combat Reflex

Lv12: Monk Scaled Fist

  • +1 Strength
  • Fast Movement
  • Ki Strike Magic
  • Draconic Mettle

Lv13: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Seize the moment
  • Ki:Barkskin

Lv14: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Seize the moment
  • HammerBlow
  • Purity of Body

Lv15: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Vulpine Pounce
  • Bonus Feat: Dragon Furocity

Lv16: Monk Scaled Fist

  • +1 Strength
  • Ki Strike Cold Iron and Silver

Lv17: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Hammer the Gap

Lv18: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Shattering Punch

Lv19: Monk Scaled Fist

  • Feat: Imrprove Critical Bite
  • Bonus Feat: Imrprove Critical Unarmed Strike
  • Ki Strike Lawful

Lv20: Monk Scaled Fist

Mystic Path


  • Close to the Abyss to get 1st Gore Attack
  • Mystic Ability: Limitless Rage


  • Demonkind to get Electronic Resistance and Poison Immunity
  • Exchange Mystic Feat for Mystic Ability: Enduring Spells


  • Lich
  • Don’t Choose the Mystic Spell Book Sorcerer
  • Lich Power: Fear control for +4 attack and +1 damage /Mystic Rank
  • Mystic Ability: Great Enduring Spells


  • Mystic Feat: Power Attack Mystic
  • Lord Beyond Grave


  • Dark Rites
  • Lord of Death
  • Mystic Ability: Scaled Soul (limitless Snake Fang, not truly matters), can exchange for Elemental Barrage.


  • Lich Power: Weapon of Death for Bane Living
  • Mystic Feat: Destructive Shockwave so even enemy with ridiculous AC would be buried in a flurry of shockwave.


  • Mystic Ability: Archmage Armor for High AC


  • Mystic Feat: Flawless Attacks


  • Lich Power: Decaying Touch
  • Mystic Ability:Mystic Charge


  • Mystic Feat:Anything you want
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  1. It seems that bites don’t stack ; I’m level 4 and have only 3 attacks : 2 from Fury of Blows, 1 Bite. Or am I missing someting ?

  2. How is this build in terms of early game unfair ?
    Isn’t his ab low since all the dips ?

  3. Holy god this build is incredible. I was not satisfied with my guy in the midst of Act 4, and though I did have serpentine bloodline and Lich, I wasn’t really feeling it. I respecced with this build and oh my god. BIG NUMBERS. NUMBER GO UP. The comparison is CRAZY! With all my possible buffs at the time, I went from 27 AC to 47 and 2 +22 attacks of 29 damage to 6 +35 attacks of 39 damage. I am level 14. This is very very useful, thank you very much!

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