Magic Research 2 – Spellcrafting Guide

Spellcrafting. One of the features that can be unlocked during your quest to get the Stone, this feature allows you to modify the spells that you cast in various different ways.

Ultimate Guide to Spellcrafting (Spoilers!)

By Aurora Lucias.

Each element has their own effect that could be used within Spellcrafting:

  • Fire elemental Spellcrafts focuses on increasing a spell’s raw power a lot, but with increased cooldown lag.
  • Earth elemental Spellcrafts are durable, increasing how long the effects of a spell can last.
  • Water elemental Spellcrafts improve the spell’s efficiency, causing it to use less mana for the same effect.
  • Air elemental Spellcrafts are fast, decreasing the wait time between casting.
  • Poison elemental Spellcrafts are potent with their damage, but shorter lasting.
  • Mind elemental Spellcrafts are easier to understand by your Wizards, reducing the number of Wizards needed to cast them.
  • Life elemental Spellcrafts are able to strengthen spells, just not as much as other methods.
  • Electric elemental Spellcrafts are quick to cast in succession, as well as potent… but also very Mana intensive.
  • Death elemental Spellcrafts are powerful, but with a price -in this case, increased Mana usage.
  • Holy elemental Spellcrafts are quite powerful, almost on par with their counterpart above, but are much harder for Wizards to comprehend.
  • Time elemental Spellcrafts are a bit Mana intensive, but are able to last for much longer than most other spells.
  • Space elemental Spellcrafts are plentiful, having quick cooldowns, but at the cost of power.

Spellcrafting requires the use of Prisms and/or Jewels, as well as a Spell Vat for each modification you want to make to a spell.

Each spell can only hold a maximum of two Spellcrafts, and they must be different – but they could be the same Element if one is a Prism Spellcraft and the other uses Jewels instead. And you need 1000 Prisms/Jewels of the element in question per modification. Finally, you can’t use the same Spellcraft on more than one spell unless the Spellcraft is of your primary element.

  • Prism Spellcrafts are easier to make, but are weaker. They normally have a +200% Wizard Power requirement.
  • Jewel Spellcrafts are about twice as powerful as the Prism counterpart, but are more harder to make. They normally have a +400% Wizard Power requirement.

Basic Elements


Increases Spell Power by 25%/50%, but increases Spell Cooldown by 20%/40%. This increases the DPS of the spell by 4%/7%


Increases the duration of the spell by 25%/50%


Reduces the Mana cost of the spell to 50%/25% of the base cost.


Reduces the Spell Cooldown by 12%/20%. This increases the DPS of the spell by 14%/25%

Unlockable Elements


Increases Spell Power by 20%/40%, but reduces the duration of the spell by 50%/67%. This makes the spell only have 60%/47% efficient compared to the base spell, but sometimes the increased power is needed for buffs and debuffs.


Unlike other elements, this reduces the Wizard Power of the spell by 75%/90%, meaning that one wizard can now do the work that 4/10 wizards would have had to do.


Increases Spell Power by 8%/15% (and increases DPS by the same amount).


Increases Spell Power by 15%/25%, and reduces speed by 8%/15%, but uses 400%/700% of the original Mana Cost. DPS is increased by 25%/47%, but the spell becomes only 31%/21% Mana efficient compared to the base spell. The extra oomph and casting speed may be worth it though.


Increases Spell Power by 12%/25%, but uses 300%/500% of the original Mana Cost, making the spell only 37%/25% Mana efficient compared to the base spell.


Increases Spell Power by 15%/30%, but these Spellcrafts use 3x as much Wizard Power (+600%/+1200%) compared to most other Spellcrafts.



Increases Spell Duration by 33%/67%, but costs 200%/300% of the original Mana Cost, making the spell only 67%/50% Mana effecient compared to the base spell. However, this could allow an effect to last longer and possibly give the cooldown more time to catch up.


Reduces Spell Power by 15%/25%, but also reduces the Spell Cooldown by 25%/40%, which in turn increases the DPS by 13%/25%.

Some Recommended Spellcrafts to Try

High-Speed Big Bang:

  • Spell: Big Bang (Space 72)
  • Gems: Air Jewel & Space Jewel
  • Effects: Cooldown reduced from 20s to 9.6s, Base Power reduced from 50k to 37.5k, WP Cost increased from 120 (6WP/s) to 3,000 (312.5WP/s), DPS increased by ~56% from 2,500/s to ~3,900/s

Powerful Mana Dump:

  • Spell: Mana Dump (Mind 5x)
  • Gems: Holy Jewel & Fire Jewel
  • Effects: Cooldown increased from 10s to 13.5s, Base Power increased from 1,000 to 1,950, WP Cost increased from 90 to 5,850, Base DPS increased by ~44% from 100/s to ~144/s

Early Experience Boost

  • Spell: Enchant Experience Catalysts (Mind)
  • Gems: Poison Prism & Life Prism
  • Effects: Increases multiplier from +25% to +34%, effect duration reduced from 20s to 10s, WP Cost increased from 60 (3.16WP/s) to 540 (60WP/s)


There have been some buffs to certain Spellcrafts as of v1.3.4:


Spell Cooldown is decreased from +20%/+40% to +15%/+35%, thereby increasing the DPS potential


Spell Power is increased from -25%/-40% to -15%/-25%, meaning the DPS is increased instead of being equal.

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