Magic Research 2 – Primary Challenge (Holy / Death – Under 2 Hours)

Holy / Death as Primary Schools (Cultist)

By Everlasting Dogstopper.

For this run, you’ll want to select Holy / Death as Primary Schools, as a Cultist. Immediately begin exploring, turn on your Bountiful Ritual, and set all furniture and Space boosts to maximum. Additionally, begin autocasting all combat spells that you’re able to.

You will slow down on the Technotitan, and here you can start casting Blood Attack if you want to.

Next, you’ll start crafting up your Dark Arts books, and maximizing your Storage Expanders. This will give you enough of a resource cap to start crafting Wand of Doom, and you should have enough mana generation to safely enable Mana, Necromancy, Wizarding, Transmutation, and Infinite Spellcasting rituals. Also begin crafting Death Jewels at this point.

Headmaster is a little bit of a bottleneck for the run, but he can be easily killed if you Spellcraft Holy Prism / Holy Jewel onto Blood Attack+, and does not require you to equip anything other than your starting potions and Ethereal gear. You might need to cast Absorb Familiar once or twice if your Syncro Board isn’t configured for Blood Attack yet.

On Chaotic Path, you will want to set your Board to the following, and set your Spellcraft up as well:

Next, craft a few Dispelling Salve. This will let you clear the Ritualist easily, with solid odds of wiping her out before she can even summon a Ritual Golem. If you get low, just use Absorb Familiar.

As soon as you get into the Zeth Fortress, set your Board to the following:

This will let your Soul Collapse kill Imps and Banshees in one hit – Imp’s Spell Barrier doesn’t block it, and Banshees cannot evade it. Hellhounds will take two hits to Soul Collapse, and they’re the ones you’re primarily hunting since they’ve got the best rate of dropping Rare Cloth.

On PC, you can set Soul Collapse to a Quickbar key, and it will be cast as soon as you enter combat if you hold that key down.

Once you’ve got a Rare Cloth, you can finally start producing equipment. Robes of Death will give you enough maximum mana to start crafting Wands of Doom. This should be your Board setup for crafting:

Also, craft a Bloodstained Bone. You’ll only have enough Earth Shards to make one, so make sure you’ve got all your item quality modifiers active. You can also begin crafting Rainbow Mail now.

A +3 Wand, and a +2 Rainbow Mail is enough to clear the Zeth King.

The Aberrant Abomination can also be cleared without any further gear upgrades, but you’ll need to set your Boost lamp to Earth/Holy and then upgrade Mind with whatever is left. Just cast Blood Attack as often as possible.

For Lytha, you will want Holy/Mind boosts at 40. Your Blood Attack should be hitting for ~260k every 1.60 seconds, and you should be doing enough damage to kill her before she activates Unholy Renewal. If she managed to cast Unholy Renewal, restart the fight and try again.

On Plains of Peace, Blood Attack and Soul Collapse will continue to wipe out all mobs.

Foxes and Mana Shells die to Soul Collapse directly, All-Seeing and Celestial Wolf die to two Blood Attacks and a Soul Collapse.

You can start crafting Divine Crystals at this point, just upgrade your Wand of Doom / Robes of Death until one is level 6+ and the other is level 5+. Upgrade your Familiar into a Bun when possible.

Set your Boost lamp to Space while you are crafting, since your resource generation is directly proportional to your maximum cap. You will also be able to do a few more autopurchases at Home, don’t bother with the Mana Altars.

Once you’ve cleared out the Divine Enhancements, craft your Rainbow Mail up to +9, Wand of Doom to +9, then head back to the Road Uphill so you can get a few Potions of Revival, you shouldn’t need more than 3. You will also need to head back to Zeth Fortress and get a Aberrant Gazer to drop eight Masks of the Sly for you. This is a bit of a grind, but Satell’s dodge is high enough that you need it.

You can remove Spellcrafting from your Soul Collapse, set wizards to autocast it every second, and skip ahead if you’ve got Time Pieces to spare.

Once that’s all done, set your Boosts to Earth 40 / Holy 40 / Mind 19.

Equip your items, swapping anything for extra Revival potions isn’t a bad call if you want it.

When you’re fighting Satell, make sure to cast Absorb Familiar when you’re low – the spell’s efficiency should be over 15x HP conversion, so you can cast it when your familiar is fairly low and still get the maximum benefit.

It took a little longer for this run since I was writing the guide while redoing the challenge, but I am fully confident that this would allow someone to complete the challenge in well under an hour and a half.

Doesn’t work if your MPL for Holy/Death is <80.

I hope you found this helpful!

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