Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Wundagore Everbloom Possible Spawn Locations

All Wundagore Everbloom Locations

Alright, here’s the deal if you’re hunting down the Wundagore Everbloom for that “Wisdom of the Woods” achievement.

Heads up, it’s kinda grindy cause these plants aren’t popping up everywhere, and it seems like they’re night owls, only showing up in the dark.

  • The Library: Bet you’ve snagged this one. Easiest find. Just scout behind a table near the right wall in the library. Look for a beige squared pot. Spawn times? Either super random or just really slow.
  • Agatha’s Cottage: You’ll spot it chilling in front of the green statue right behind her cottage. Can’t miss it.
  • Everflowing Glade: This one’s right before the bridge leading to the 3rd trial. Basically, where you pop up if you fast travel there, nearly landing on it.
  • Agatha’s Altar: Still on my to-find list, but word is it’s hanging out somewhere in front of the altar.
  • Hunter’s Folly: Just in front of the steps leading to Hunter’s Tomb.
  • Shaw’s Church: Easy find, right in front of the church’s main entrance.
  • Dreamer’s Descent: This one’s a sneaky little thing. If you teleport over to Dreamer’s Descent, head east till the road dips south (near a common chest). Facing the chest? Scoot left until you hit a cave entrance. It’s snuggled next to a small tree, just by the wooden plank with a witch’s mark.
  • Lilith’s Garden: Just outside the ladder to the basement
  • The Shop: At the crater in front of the shop.
  • Blood Gate: Just next to the first blood gate teleport point.
  • Valley of the Winds: If you zap yourself there, just scoot back across the bridge to your right. You’ll spot one of those OG Midnight Sun member statues. The plant should be strutting its stuff right in front of that.
  • Whispering Wood: In the fairy ring in front of the teleport location in Whispering wood.
  • Standing Stones: Where you teleport to at the Standing Stones.
  • Agatha’s Memorial: To the right of the Memorial for Agatha.

Wundagore Everbloom Video Guide

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