Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Wundagore Everbloom Possible Spawn Locations

I will include some i found and can confirm myself with detailed descriptions and some other i found online but not yet found in game.

Possible Spawn Locations for Wundagore Everbloom

Wisdom of the Woods

It’s quite the grindy achievement due to the limit in the spawns of this plant. I hope this guide will help you get there.

Also note that as it seems they can only be found at night.

The Library

I am sure most of you have found this one, Its for sure the easiest one to find.

It’s in the library behind a table on the right wall in a beige squared pot, the spawning seems to be random or really long.

Agatha’s Cottage

Its location is right in front of the green statue behind her cottage.

Everflowing Glade

This one is right in front of the bridge towards where you have to go to the 3rd trial. (In front of the bridge to where you spawn if you fast travel there, almost same spot as you spawn.).

Agatha’s Altar

I have not yet found this one myself but a lot of others seem to have and it’s suppose to be somewhere in front of the altar.

Hunter’s Folly

Right in front of the stairs to the Hunter’s Tomb.

Shaw’s Church

Right in front of the main gate in to the church.

Dreamer’s Descent

This one is a bit trickier to find at first.

If you teleport to Dreamer’s Descent and walk east until the road starts going south on map (close to a common chest). When you are facing the chest walk to your left until you reach the entrance of a cave. It’s location is right next to the tiny tree left of the wooden plank with a witches mark on.

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