Mech Armada – Tank Build Guide

95% of time you can reach last two fights.

Guide to Tank Build


  1. Mega Tank.
  2. Defender (I personally feel it’s better than impervious).
  3. Energy Shield (Again I prefer this than normal Shield, normal one is too much armor).
  4. Machine Gun (As long as nobody can hurt you, this is enough).


Now except the last two stages, all you need is this tank. One is enough. You just need to keep those points in mind:

  1. Upgrade Mega Tank to lv2 can push enemy, very useful at capturing point.
  2. Upgrade defender to lv2 is enough.
  3. Upgrade Shield can help you a bit, but if you have repair after each round or repairing drones maybe you don’t have to upgrade it more than lv2.
  4. A bit healing may be needed. Some foe hit hard (Gazer need 17 Armor :/ Kill it before it gets close to you). I normally go with cheapest healing drones. Well, if you have repair after each round or each round heal 1hp then this is not necessary.
  5. Be careful about the worm boss, it one hit you in short range. You better have some way to kill it in long distance by then. Normally this is easy since the Tank has all the argo, so the Worm will keep use range to atk your tank. Other dps can kill it from side.
  6. No particular weapon needed. I have won with Flamethrower, RayGun, Saw, Shotgun, Gatling gun. Just put in whatever you like.
  7. I can almost capture every battery points. There is a lot you can do when nobody can damage you at all.

The Real Challenge, the Fxxxing Armadillo

This is the only thing can kill our tank. To have a large chance of wining I figured these steps:

  1. Get some cheap drones to block its atk. A basic drone spawner is only costing 9. No need to upgrade drones at all, they just there to die for your valuable mechs.
  2. You need some solid DPS to kill those fast. I predict there would be a million guides or your own builds about how to make good DPS, so I’ll leave it to you guys.

I personally go with Ranger or Eagle Eyes, depending if I have them or not. For the weapons I like snipers and air strike. They work well with three drones.

The End

My win rate with this is 95% to Armadillo, then with drones and dps I can kill demon 4 out of 5 times.

The down side is probably getting bored easily. Well, at least you can unlock all weapons with this build since it doesn’t require any later items.

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