Mecha Domination: Rampage – How to Get The Maximum Research Speed

Guide for Maximum Research Speed

By Nox.

The Research Institute is one of the fundamental buildings of this game. It provides you with many useful stats. The fully research everything you will need to research for a base (without any research speed upgrade) of around 120.000 hours.

This guide will help you reduce the time needed to around 40.000 hours or 1/3 of the base. You can obtain a total of 188.8% research speed to assist you in your research journey.

Here are all the ways to obtain research speed upgrades.

(1) Research Institute

The Research Institute can get you a total of 60% research speed.

You can get 31.5% by leveling it up to level 30.

The other 28.5% are obtainable by researching Improved Technology in the Development Tech Tree. To reach and complete the Improved Technology VI you will need around 1750 hours of research time. This should also be one of your priorities to research, since it will hasten up the rest of the journey by quite a lot.

(2) Pyodra Skill

The Pyodra should be one of your most sought-after SR Beast to catch and level to Red2*, because by upgrading it to that level and the passive skill to the max you can get another 20% of research speed.

(3) Beast Lab Hunting Tech

The Beast Lab Hunting Tech has 3 different level tiers of research speed. The last is unlocked upon building the beast lab level 24. If you unlock all the research speed upgrades there, you will gain another 25% of research speed.

(4) Alliances

  • A) Alliance Tech

Joining an active alliance and researching all 3 tiers of the Research Alliance Tech as a team will get you 15.8% more research speed. That is why you should look for and join an active alliance.

  • B) Alliance Lab Boosts

Another way the alliance can increase your research speed by 13% is by occupying the Lab Boosts. The total of 13% is achieved by occupying the civil tech lab lv.1 + lv.3

  • C) Alliance Advisor Title

A further tiny 1% boost can be given to one R4 Member of the alliance, by having the R5 appointing him with the Advisor title.

(5) Central Fort

With the central fort event there are 2 ways to further increase your research speed.

  • A) Vice Governor Title

The first is by requesting the Vice Governor title from the governor. As long as you hold the title you will get an additional 10% research speed.

  • B) Advanced Research Governor Skill

The other way you can profit is by doing research whilst the governor skill Advanced Research is active, which will provide you with a further 10% research speed.

(6) Talent

The Economy Talent Tree also has 3 tiers of research speed up notes unlocking all of them will get you another 15% research speed.

Further you can unlock the Fast Development skill there. You just need a total of 1.575 total Bagdes of Valor. This skill can be used once every 24 hours and decreases building and research times in the next 5 minutes by a total of 20%. Therefore this skill should always be used before starting a long research task, or when you are about to go on a research spree with research speed ups.

(7) Time Weekly Pass

Another way to get 10% more research speed is by buying the Time Weekly Pass.

(8) Statues from Daily Packs

Unlocking Statues will also give you research speed.

The Lv.5 Scorcher, Firespitter and Pyodra Statue will each give you 3% (so a total of 9%).

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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