Mecha Domination: Rampage – How to Get Catching Nets

Different Ways How You Can Obtain Catching Nets

By Nox.

You always have certain regular ways to obtain nets. Sometimes there are extra irregular ways to get some as well. In this guide some of those ways are displayed here.

We will start with the regular ways and from blue nets to golden nets.

  • You can always get an unlimited amount of blue nets in the Daily Store. Those need to be purchased for 60 diamonds each.
  • If you reach 45 activity points, you will get 5 more blue nets in the first crate.
  • Purple nets are also obtainable each day from activity crates. If you are able to reach 330 activity points, you will get the daily maximum: 10 purple nets each day.
  • Another day is to complete the daily npc quest to catch a certain beast. Catching the beast will give you and additonal 3 purple nets.
  • If you need even more higher quality nets you can buy the daily taming buldes for up to 18 purple nets a day.
  • If you want a steady daily supply of purple nets you can buy the value monthly pass for 5 purple nets a day or 150 nets over the 30 day duration.
  • Lastly you can get a golden net each day by defeating the regular beast lair. Those nets have the highest catch rate and are therefore recommend to use on Caesar.

Now you will get to know some irregular ways to obtain nets.

  • Events like the alliance mobilization allow you and your whole alliance to get either some blue or purple nets. The quality depends on your alliance rank.

And after your alliance reaches the point threshold you will get some each event.

  • A good event to get a few golden nets is the reoccuring rogers treasure event. Here you have a base chance of 1% to get golden nets with each ticket.
  • Lastly since there is a vast amount of different one time or irregular events you can sometimes get more nets from them. The rarity varies from blue to golden.

You will just have to look at the active events and then you will be able to see, if those will give you some nets.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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