Mecha Domination: Rampage – Quick Guide to the Beast System

Introduction to the Beast System

In Mecha Domination, Beasts are our partners in battle. We need to understand the details related to Beasts. Please note that the Beast interfaces for S1-S19 and those after S20 differ, but the related gameplay system is the same.

The images below are examples of the Beast interface for S1-S19. I will use Nemesis as an example to briefly describe the various parts of Beasts

View Beasts Information

Path: Click on “Beasts” in the lower right corner – select the Beast you want to view in the Beast List.

Using Nemesis as an example, the information bar on the right shows the specific bonus information of this beast.

Looking from top to bottom, players can see the following four pieces of information:

  • The red box indicates the beast’s Quality and name.
  • The yellow box is a summary of the beast’s characteristics, for example, the Goddess of Vengeance has bonuses for Rider, Rally, and Garrison.
  • The blue box shows the specific numerical bonuses of the beast. For example, the Goddess of Vengeance has increased all attributes of Command and Rider.
  • The green box is the Beast Military Skills, which will be used in PVE gameplay.
  • There are also four pieces of Wargear distributed around the beast model.

Quality, Troop Type and Special Bonuses

Different Beasts have different functions and qualities. The quality of Beasts are divided into R, SR and SSR. Beginners can prioritize investing resources in SSR and SR Beasts.

SSR Beasts have two special bonuses, for example, Nemesis can increase rally combat capabilities and excel in defending buildings.

Some SR Beasts are also very useful, for example, Pyrodra has the function of improving building upgrade efficiency; Spikeroller has the function of improving resource collection efficiency.

If a new beginner doesn’t pay, they need to upgrade some SR Beasts in the early stages. Of course, the development progress of Beasts can be reset, so players don’t have to worry about wasting development resources.

Upgrade & Evolve

Upgrading Beasts can increase its Command and Exploration ATK. Beast Flux is mainly obtained through campaigns and events. Beginners can prioritize upgrading SSR Beasts.

Beasts need to evolve and unlock skills after upgrading to a certain level. There might be higher levels in the future. When evolving to a certain level (20/60/120/160), Beasts will unlock corresponding skills, which can be used in PVE.


Altering Beasts requires one or more identical Beasts cards. For example, Nemesis needs 7 Orange Nemeses to advance from Red five stars to six stars.

The higher the star level, the more identical cards are needed. Then, the higher the star level of the Beasts, the higher their might, Exploration attribute, and Military bonus. Players can usually only obtain these identical SSR Beasts to enhance their star level through payment or events.

That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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