Mecha Domination: Rampage – Ultimate Guide to Alloy Buildings

Everything You Need to Know About Alloy Buildings

By Nox.

(1) What are Alloy Buildings?

Alloy Buildings are upgrades to Certain Buildings after reaching level 30 in your headquarters and upgradeable buildings. These upgrades can be compared to leveling your buildings from level 30 to level 35. To level up your alloy buildings you need to start with upgrading the alloy level of your headquarters.

As you can see, to reach a higher alloy level you need to upgrade the building 5 times. The progress of your upgrades is indicated by the orange bar (here it is upgraded to step 2/5 for alloy level 1).

After completing each step you will also get a portion of the final beneficial upgrade effect.

Keep in mind that each steps needs its own liquid alloy and upgrade time.

(2) What alloy buildings are there, and what are the effects of those?

  • Headquarters

Upgrading your headquarters to from level 30 to alloy 5, will get you a total of +19.375 commando up. Increasing the commando up on level 30 by 27.5% at alloy 5.

  • Training Grounds

Each training ground (i.e. Fighter/Rider/Ranged) can also be upgraded from level 30 to alloy 5. Doing so will increase the training capacity by 125 (i.e. a bonus of 59.8% a from the level 30 effect) and unlock alloy units. The alloy 5 units have around a 30% – 50% increase from the Tier 10 variant.

The increase depends on the type and affects Attack, Defense, Health, and Lethality. Another effect is a bonus combat ability at alloy 3 and alloy 5.

  • Rally Command Center

This works similarly to the headquarters, but instead of increasing your commando up it increases your rally capacity. Upgrading it from level 30 to alloy 5, will get you a total of +133.250 capacity limit, or a roundabout 15.15% increase from level 30.

  • Infirmary

Upgrading the infirmary from level 30 to alloy 5 will net you an additional 6.000 wounded capacity or about 8.5%.

  • Alliance Hall

Upgrading your alliance hall from level 30 to alloy 5 will increase the help reduction time by 15 seconds (15.46% increase) and allows you to get 5 more alliance helps (16.67% increase).

  • Beast Lab

Upgrading your beast lab from level 30 to alloy 5, doesn’t really net a benefit except the might increase.

(3) In what order should you increase your alloy levels?

  • A) Follow the order of (2). the HQ (= headquarters) is necessary therefore you need to start with it, the command up is also a welcome sight. Next you should focus on the training grounds since troops are an essential part of the gameplay. I’d even recommend first alternating from Alloy HQ level and Training Ground Alloy levels up to alloy 5 before even starting with the other buildings.
  • B) If you have reached Alloy 5 in your HQ and every training grounds you should increase you rally command center to help you in certain activities such as leviathan / alliance war / fight for flux…
  • C) Next you should focus on the infirmary, the effect of increasing the infirmary capacity by 6.000 will only be miniscule for you at that point, because by now you will probably have finished all research task and therefore already have about 250.000+ infirmary capacity.

Example of what your Infirmary capacity will look like at that stage:

  • D) Alliance Hall and Beast Labs, if you have followed (3A) to (3C) you don’t really have a use for those except for the might increase, since at this point you should pretty much have max every other research and building. Rendering those buildings rather useless and should be neglected.

(4) How to obtain Liquid Alloy?

  • A) The main way you will get Liquid Alloy is by completing daily quests and opening the 275 + 330 Activity Points chests, netting you 10 liquid alloy daily.
  • B) Another way are events like the Alloy Forgemaster, where you need to complete tasks to level up your progress and unlock liquid alloy.

That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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