Meet Your Maker – What to Grind / Farm?

What’s the Main Grind?

You’re basically just Raiding levels, or Building levels, to earn resources, that you then use to unlock characters with perks, weapons, traps, guards, equipment, etc. There’s ~4 resource types but they really only exist to encourage people to explore different parts of the game.

No loot system like Borderlands.

As the Raider you blow up traps and guards to get resources, steal the Genmat (treasure in every base a builder makes). The Builder gets resources from defeating Raiders as well as passively from their build, and from accolades Raiders give them at the end of their raids (Fun, Brutal, Ingenious, Artistic).

  • 5 Guards (I forget how many) but each guard has several mods that change how they function.
  • 5 Weapons with upgrades.
  • 4 Equipments (grenades, etc).
  • 2 Characters (a long range specialist and a melee specialist) with their perks that can be upgraded.
  • 9 Traps (also with several mods each that change how they function).

The next DLC (which is free) comes out in ~3 months and introduces a New Guard, a New Character, a New Weapon, and a new Trap (maybe a new equipment also). Along with all the mods that affect them.

It might not seem like much, but there’s a lot of variety in the ways levels can be built.

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