MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline – Quick Power Gains Guide

Quick guide to gaining power with little effort.

Guide to Quick Power Gains


Need more power? No problem. All you need is to be Level 17 and have DiVE Trigger “Skill” Menu unlocked.

Power Gains Made Easy

You will want to buy this Material. It is also available for farming later.

Once you have some Zenny and hit Level 17, go into the shop. I would suggest getting S rank Zenny Weapons before doing this, but the first couple of chapters are pretty easy.

Once you have a sizeable amount, go into the Skill Menu under Character Prep.

This is not bound to your current level. You can just dump Self-Learning Systems until you can max them and unlock all the DiVE Triggers. DiVE Triggers will unlock once you have the total required level.

The last two DiVE Triggers require the memory to unlock, in addition to meeting the total level requirement. it will take 40 Flash Bomb and Bouncy Bomb Memory to unlock once you hit the total.

Thanks all it takes and enjoy your massive Power Boost early game.

Stages will get harder and you’ll start getting diminishing returns once Advanced Armors are unlocked at Lv50 and onward, and Analysis levels for Boss Chips are raised while leveling them up.

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  1. How do you purchase the memory for the last 2 dive triggers (Flash bomb and Bouncy bomb). i can’t seem to find them.

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