Meta World: My City – Definitive Real Estate Guide

In My Real Estate, you can see all of your held real estate, transaction details, and a list of trade offers at a glance.

Guide to Real Estate

My Real Estate

On the first screen of My Real Estate, under My Real Estate, you can view the current value of your real estate, investment costs, rewards, number of structures and land, and your investment status.

Upgrading your investment status license tier requires meeting specific upgrade conditions for each tier.

For example, C-~C+ tier can be upgraded through an account level upgrade, while the B-~A+ tier can be upgraded by investing a certain amount of currencies (Meta Cash, Crystals).

You can receive various benefits depending on the tier upgrade, including investment support funds that are issued only once, free Gold recharge promotions, a change in the currency for real estate reward payments, and an increase in the number of INETRIUM exchanges.

Moreover, simply tap the [Trading Center] button for easy access of the Real Estate Trading Center, and tap the [Bookmark] button for the convenient retrieval of previously saved lists.

Today’s Reward

In Meta World, a portion of the total investment made by all players is accumulated as a reward, which can be checked in the Today’s Reward section. As your investment points and investment rate are applied highly, you have the potential to earn more rewards. Once your reward has been accumulated, simply tap on the right bottom button to claim it.

Reward Formula

Term Definition

  • Rewards may differ for each player according to the formula.
  • Tomorrow’s reward is an estimate and may differ from the actual reward.
  • You can accumulate unclaimed rewards for up to 7 days only (resets at UTC 00:00).
  • Rewards are accumulated based on the total amount of in-game currency spent by all players and their level of activity. As a result, you can receive a reward proportional to your investment from the total reward pool for all players.

Weekly Bonus

A box containing rewards is granted according to the number of real estate rewards acquired during the week, and the weekly bonus reward will reset every Monday at 00:00 (UTC).

  • When rewards are received after one day, they do not count towards the weekly bonus limit.

Held Real Estate

In the held real estate section, you can check the address, size, structure tier and durability, expected reward, and current price of the real estate you hold. You can also directly move to the location of the relevant real estate through the navigation feature. In addition, if the durability of the structure on your real estate has decreased, you can immediately repair it by tapping on the [Held Real Estate] ▶ [Durability] ▶ [Repair] button.

Transaction Details

The transaction details section displays the land you have bought and sold along with important information such as transaction category, address, size, transaction price, and date.

Offer List

The offer list section enables you to quickly view purchase offers that you have sent to other players’ real estate and offers that your held real estate has received.

Information like address, price gap, offered amount, and the remaining time will be presented, and you can approve or reject the offers.

If you have received multiple purchase offers for a single real estate, you can remove low-priced offers by tapping the [Delete Lowest] button. Moreover, with the Edit Offers feature, you can reject or cancel multiple unwanted offers at once.

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