Strinova – General FAQ (Fixes and Gameplay Tips)

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Issues

Account already exists issue

You cannot bind existing accounts to Steam at the moment.

Please use the official client if you want to continue using your existing account.

Can’t download

I’ve downloaded the cn version but I’m getting this text and cant download the game but they are alr on the game itself.

Connection issue

It doesn’t like your network for whatever reason.

Try to use a VPN (close fast connection) (Not into China) to download or use something like and see if that circumvents the issue too.

For VPN lotta people just use proton and connect to Netherlands lmao it generally lets you connect.

Gameplay Tips

Pro settings tips

Paper mode on hold is better than toggle because it enables some techniques. Also more flexible on timing.

Disable automatically stick to walls and automatically dismount from walls to prevent accidents

Mouse smoothening is enabled as default in the generals tab.

Deferred rendering method on graphic settings actually disables shadow, giving you better visibility.

The 1:1 scope sensitivities are 0.88 for small arms, 0.86 for DMRs and 0.82 for bolt action snipers.

How to play with controller

If you want, you can play it on controller, you just have to port the game on Steam.

What is stringified damage?

It’s damage against enemy that using 2D mode (ctrl button).

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