Mortal Online 2 – In-Game Chat Commands Guide

A list of commands that you can execute using in-game chat. From emotes to useful features and abilities.

List of Chat Commands


In order to mute an annoying individual you need to type the following in game chat:

/mute [insert player name]


/mute Jack
/mute bigmantomas

In order to undo this type:

/unmute [insert player name]


Type the following commands in chat to get the desired result. Everything after – is an explanation of what the command does

  • /? – shows you a list of various commands (not all of them)
  • /? [insert command name from below] – shows you description of a specific command written by developers
  • /droploot – drops everything that can drop from your inventory. Useful when exchanging a lot of items between friends or when you need to get rid of a lot of unwanted craft items if you are crafting naked
  • /endtutorial – ends on screen tutorials
  • /resettutorial – restarts on screen tutorials
  • /version – tells you which version of the game you are running
  • /fps – shows your frames per second
  • /time – tells you the exact server time
  • /guildabandon – allows you to discard your own guild as a leader
  • /guildleave – allows you to leave a guild you joined
  • /emotes – shows you a list of in-game emotes


Emotes let you spice up your gameplay with a bit of sign language, perform some animations and make yourself look cool or perhaps taunt enemies mid combat

In order to get an emote to work you need to type /emote and the emote name like this:

  • /emote [insert emote name from the list below]
  • /emote bow

allows your character to bow before someone.

Here is the list of emotes you can use after /emote:

  • Bow
  • Chestbump
  • Clap
  • ClapLong
  • CrackKnuckles
  • CrossArms
  • DedicateLong
  • Flex
  • FlipOff
  • Hopak
  • PraiseTheSun
  • PraiseTheSunLong
  • Saltarello
  • Salute
  • SaluteLong
  • SignHello
  • SignMeet
  • SignName
  • SnapFinger
  • Squat
  • Stretch
  • Threaten
  • ThumbsDown
  • ThumbsUp
  • Wave

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