Mortal Online 2 – Clade Levels’ Experience Spreadsheet Explained

Gives you detailed information on how many experience points you need to advance each specific level and sums up the total amount of exp needed to achieve Clade Level 20.

Also tells you how many mobs you might have to kill to achieve that + respec clade loss.

Clade Levels

All credit goes to ZER0 %K !

Clade LevelEXP Needed to Level UpAccumulated EXP After Level Up

Clade Level 20

The Total Amount of EXP you need to get to Clade Level 20 is 77900 Clade Experience Points

Zombies give you clade EXP, you have to kill 38950 zombies to max out Clade

Scoundrels in Tindrem Sewers and Ratmen give you 12 Clade per kill, 6492 are needed to max out

Haven Bandits give you 16 Clade EXP per, you need to kill 4869 Haven Bandits to max out Clade

(This is a mindless grind but it is very easy you can do it with your eyes closed and it is very safe, I suggest you farm Bandit Dungeon in Haven at least until Clade 15 before you leave)

Regular Nave Bandits give you 22 Clade EXP per, 3541 kills needed to max out

Sators in the Jungle give you 40 Clade EXP per, 1948 are needed to max out

(You can’t parry them, kite them on a horse and use the bow)

Risar Soldiers give 45 Clade EXP per, 1732 Soldiers are needed to max out Clade

Minotaurs give 65 Clade EXP per, 1199 dead minotaurs are needed to max out Clade from level 0 

(You can solo them with a bow if you’re good and get decent pay outs while doing so. Or you can tag team them)

You can use the Clade gains from various mobs I listed to calculate how many kills you have left to max out Clade from where you stand on your character or to reach specific levels, using the spreadsheet above.

No, Clade Level 6 EXP is Not a Mistake

For some reason after level 5 the amount of EXP you need to gain a level goes down instead of up but then it fixes itself at level 7.

I am not sure if this is an actual error or visual error. Never the less.

Respec Potion Removes 10% of Total Clade EXP You Have

You can easily calculate how much EXP you will lose using the Spreadsheet above and something like the percentage calculator –

For example, If you are level 16 going over to 17, add Accumulated EXP from level 15 in the table to the amount of EXP points you currently have in the current level EXP bar and then use the tool to see what 10% of that is

If you decide to Respec at level 20 you will lose 7790 Clade EXP points and will have to grind ’em all out again. That is slightly more than 1/3 of level 20. One Third is 6,466 Clade EXP points. That is 174 Risars or 120 Minos

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