Mount & Blade: Warband – How to Win in Tournaments

This guide will explain to you what I know about tournaments. It may also teach you how to use them to effectivly break the game by gaining large amounts of renown and gold, as I do.


The first thing you will want is a good set of stats for tournaments.

This will consist of the Iron Flesh skill, and focus on mellee and polearm skills. Also skills like weapon master are useful in this. It is all about hitting harder and living longer than anyone else.


Tournaments are not always in the nearby city and not even always ocuring. So when you desire to fight in them (Most of the time) you will need to speak to the nearest arena master about where they are. He will give you the names of a few cities.

Head for the closest one, if you are lucky the tournament will not have started in the 3 days it took for you to travel there. If the arena master tells you there are no tournaments malee fights are available, unfortunitley this guide will not tell you how to win those because I have not won any yet.

The Small Safety

Once you have reached the arena at far harkenburg and confirmed that they are having the tournament you should make a save just outside the city without entering the tournament. This allows you to begin again if by some small chance you lose.

A Friendly Wager

The bread and butter of getting money this way is betting. You should bet 100 sandwiches on yourself at the beginning of every round this plus the flat reward for beating the tournament will turn about 5 or 6 hundred money units into 4000.

The Fighting

The tournaments don’t really have any new mechanics but you have to have a certain amount of skill to win them. You will likley need to unseat an enemy rider by jumping up and booping him on the head with your sword, defeat 2 or 3 foes armed with swords using only a knife (Because bows can’t hit the broad side of a barn unless you are close to someone and focus on the bow skill), and of course the main thing about winning couched lanced damage.

You can technically win without it but it takes some luck, so get on a horse and start picking up as much speed as you can, at some point your lance is going to drop down, at that point you are ready. Run that lance in to somebody and you will deliver couched lance damage. Usually 80 or more, more than enough to kill in 1 shot. If you don’t have a lance kill someone who does and take theirs.

You Won?

At this point you have the basics of victory and pretty much all that I can teach you. If you are lucky the city you are in has an unattached noble woman you wish to bed marry. You can help this along by going up to her and dedicating your victory to her. This will gain you some favor.

Those lords and kings you defeated may also be interested in bedding you aligning with your interests and giving you better quests. Also don’t forget to save the game again imediatly after your victory. Your computer can crash for any reason or none and tournaments are sort of an art form.

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