Muse Dash – Touhou Mode Scoring Guide

Introduction to Touhou Mode Scoring

By Miriitode.

What Is the Secret World Mode

The secret world mode is a special mode for the Muse Dash x Touhou Collab.

Instead of hitting enemies, the player will be dodging enemies, as well as collecting notes. 

This mode can be selected by picking Reimu and double tapping or clicking on the Yin Yang symbol by the left of her.

This also applies to Marisa by picking her and double tapping the Yin Yang symbol by the left side of her.

Given Marisa’s extra bonus score for getting (blue) notes and hearts, she is the optimal character for scoring in this mode at the moment.

Scoring Elements

There are only 4 notable elements for this special mode: Blue Notes, P-Notes, Hearts and Gears

Blue Notes

These are the blue collectibles in the chart. These give 200 points (just like regular blue notes).

With Marisa, these give 600 points.


These are like the Blue Notes, but have a P. These only give 100 points. (点 – Point, hence P-notes)

Marisa’s score bonus does not apply to this kind of note.


These give 300 Points if Reimu or Marisa’s HP is full, and 80HP if not.

With Marisa, these give 900 points.


These are the enemies of this mode. They give 200 points and deal 30 HP.

Spell Card Activation

Spell Card Activation is the fever of this mode. Activating a spell card will turn all gears to collectible notes and will give 400 points.

They will all automatically be collected to Reimu and Marisa, as well as any Blue Notes, P-Notes, and hearts around the area. This can be stacked 3 times to be activated 3 times in any part of the chart before having to gain more points again to reactivate the Spell Card. 

The Spell Card bar takes significantly longer to fill unlike fever, and Spell Card Activation lasts up to 5 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

Just like Fever, activate the Spell Card on areas where a lot of gears are densely packed, in order to gain more score. Just be careful to pay attention to where you are, or else you might hit the next set of gears.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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