My Time at Sandrock – Cooking Guide

I’ve got the Apprentice Cooking Station, and have started the process of discovering recipes by experimentation.

Guide to Cooking


The recipe discovery process is .. not reliable in the sense that if you put the same ingredients in, using the same Save, it does not discover the same recipe.

I’m not sure if this is currently a Bug or intentional, because I can’t imagine a reason why you would want to make discovery random, considering all the discovery ingredients are lost each time you try. That would make cooking discovery 100% punitive, so for the moment, I’m going to presume it’s just a bug, until the developers confirm Cooking recipe discovery is working as intended.

In which case, I see no viable path forward for “normal” players to discover anything reliably, because if you get the Apprentice Cooking Station, and put the ingredients into the appropriate Cooking Tool (initially, either the Steamer or the Cooking Pot) it sometimes discovers the recipe, and sometimes doesn’t.

Sometimes the order of ingredients appears to matter, sometimes not.

None of the discovery combinations seem to have any relationship, bearing, correlation, tie, or resemblance to the ingredients required on the actual recipe, after it’s discovered. That’s right, what you put in for discovery? Often, not even slightly the same as the real recipe. Again, I don’t know if this is a bug, or just punitively working as intended, but it’s a random mess, at the moment.

Having said that, here’s what Cooking Recipe discoveries worked for me, once, but inconsistently / never again: It’s entirely possible exactly none of them will work for you, because of what I mention above.


  • Meat, mushroom, rice, sandberry = sandberry sponge cake.
  • Meat, rice, mushroom, sandberry, alfalfa = meat stuffed mushroom.
  • Meat, milk, sandrice, flour = meat bun.
  • Then.. meat, milk, sandrice = sandrice sushi.
  • Rice, sandberry, carp, egg = egg custard.
  • Rice, carp = steamed sandfish.
  • Rice, sandberry, carp = sandbery zongzi.
  • Sandberry, sandrice, milk = sandrice cake..
  • Egg, milk, flour, honey, sugar = milk steamed egg.
  • Egg, mushroom, sugar = mushroom forest cake.
  • Sandberry sandrice meat or sandrice sandberry meat = fine sandberry zongzi.

Cooking Pot

  • Cuda, mushroom, milk = fine hot and sour fish.
  • Rib, meat, egg = braised bbq ribs.
  • Rib, flour, sandrice = chilly sandrice noodles.
  • Rib, sandberry, egg = sandberry egg soup.
  • Rib, rice, tea leaves = tea porridge.
  • Mushroom, rice = mushroom soup.
  • Mushroom, rib, flour, tea / rib, mushroom, flour, tea = sand tea noodles.
  • Mushroom, meat, flour = fine beef noodles.
  • Mushroom, egg, tea = tea egg.
  • Mushroom, meat, tea = sand tea beef.
  • Mushroom, flour, meat = beef noodles.

So, to recap, what I’ve done to try and reproduce these discoveries is obtain the diagram for the Apprentice Cooking Station, then put these combinations into it. Reload the save, and try again. It.. doesn’t work consistently, for me. YMMV! On the other hand, I was able to discover some recipes.. so.. not a complete waste of time.

List of Recipes

Here are the actual recipes, after discovery, in a spoiler tag:

  • Steamed Meat Pie with Salty Eggs – Meat, Rice, Soy Sauce.
  • Egg Custard – Egg, Salt.
  • Steamed Sandfish – Carp, Salt, Leek.
  • Mushroom Forest Cake – Mushroom, Egg, Sugar.
  • Meat Stuffed Mushroom – Mushroom, Meat, Soy Sauce.
  • Milk Steamed Egg – Milk, Egg.
  • Meat Bun – Meat, Flour, Leek.
  • Sandberry Sponge Cake – Sandberry, Rice.
  • Sandberry Zongzi – Sandberry, Rice, Sugar.
  • Fine Sandberry Zongzi – Sandberry, Sandrice, Meat, Ant Honey.
  • Sandrice Cake – Sandrice, Sugar.
  • Sandrice Sushi – Sandrice, Meat, Soy Sauce.
  • Sandberry Egg Soup – Sandberry, Egg, Leek.
  • Sand Tea Noodles – Flour, Leek, Soy Sauce.
  • Fish Porridge – Carp, Rice, Leek, Soy Sauce.
  • Tea Egg – Egg, Tea Leaves, Salt.
  • Beef Noodles – Meat, Flour, Soy Sauce.
  • Tea Porridge – Tea Leaves, Rice.
  • Mushroom Soup – Mushroom, Salt, Leek.
  • Steamed Sweet Potato – Sweet Potato.
  • Sand Tea Beef – Meat, Tea Leaves, Cilantro, Five Spice Powder.
  • Braised BBQ Ribs – Ribs, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Five Spice Powder.
  • Tomato Beef Brisket – Tomato, Meat, Salt.
  • Fine Beef Noodles – Meat, Flour, Soy Sauce, Cilantro.
  • Chilly Sandrice Noodles – Sandrice, Flour, Soy Sauce, Chili.
  • Fine Hot and Sour Fish – Sandacuda, Vinegar, Chili.

And these require a Chef’s Station:

  • Highwind Fried Rice – Rice, Potato, Egg, Soy Sauce.
  • Milk Chestnut – Milk, Chestnut, Sugar.
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