My Time at Sandrock – How to Make Money

Tips to Make Money

Commissions and Resources Tips

You are supposed to do commissions from the Builder Guild, that is where your money comes from.

The reason for not being able to generate money is that you need far more resources (wood, water, scrap etc) than you are able to gather or produce for many guild requests.

Remember that Yakthorns and the small ball cacti can also give wood when cut down. And a bit to the west of your workshop are some deadwood trees that are okay to cut down.

The Yakthorns and ball cacti respawn daily. The deadwood might take more than a day.

You can also get wood from breaking down chests you find, and from kicking tumbleweeds. The small bushes grow back, so cut them down. You’ll also find dew in the bushes, which you’ll always want to be collecting.

Scrap piles blow in nightly. So clear the piles outside your house and in front of the salvage place every day. Then run the scrap through the recycler to get all sorts of components.

Then its just a matter of picking comissions you know you can make easily til you get a feel for things.

Well, sometime in the line your workshop will be 3 stars and then there will be some sweets comissions. Until them, I recomend focus in upgrade your worktable (need to ask the blueprint at the recearch center, and the upgrade item are a rare drop from the wild yaks alpha)) to be able to make the “civil” machinery.

Anyway, the more high lvl comissions you can do, the more the money. But don’t take a mission without the means for that, fail is not a good option.

You can also kill the yaks an sell all the food items, since it’s taking forever to be able to cook.

Also you can to go game center next to museum and play the adventure game where you bet your money and get x2 x3 x4 your money if you guessed it right. Save your game before you play and load when you lose.

Bonus Tips

Chopping up ball cactus for water is pretty exhausting. Go straight to the water guy, he sells 10 water daily (that’s 100 dew) at a 75% discount. Use the extra energy to harvest more scrap and ore.

Don’t forget to eat at the blue moon. They are the cheapest source of bonus stamina, with a daily special and 1:1 returns up to 60 stamina.

It sounds a bit backwards to be spending money when you’re broke. But in this case it’s about finding the cheapest ways to invest in your workshop, so that you can complete commissions and start printing money.

Remember! The license quest fails if you don’t finish it on the same day, regardless of the hour. When that happens, you get a big hit to your workshop ranking and reputation.

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