Necrosmith – How to Beat The Dragon That Spawns at End of Timer

The Dragon Boss Fight Tips

There are various ways to beat this boss, but I believe the two most common are:

Buy and upgrade the Lightning Bolt Spell. Have it charged (and therefore available) when the timer runs out. As soon as the dragon appears, right next to his spawn building, pause the game and use lightning bolt to kill them both instantly. Note that there are other bosses that appear another 15 minutes later which cannot be instantly killed this way so you WILL need stronger units.

Get (somewhat) lucky with your run and receive parts from monsters which will allow you to keep the dragon away while wearing its health down until it dies. 2-3 tentacles will be key here as they knock back enemies when hitting them. Upgrading your parts generator so you get high level creatures like lizardman or higher to increase the damage you hit it with.

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