New World – Best PVP/PVE Balanced for Beginner Build

Here is a very effective and cool build with weapon switch (3 weapons) for beginner.

Guide to PVP/PVE Balanced for Beginner Build

The Build

Here is the perks you need for the build, for pvp use SNS and Spear, with 300 constitution 100 DEX 50 Str at lvl 60. you can push up to 150 dex when your in max gear.

For the armor, use a Round shield, Heavy helm and boots, Light armor leggings, and rest medium armor, for medium weighted gear and decent dodging, and also very good resistance.

For hard encounter in pve, just switch the weapon of your choice with the high sustain and very tanky longsword.

This is a 3 weapon switch build for any situation, and i can certify its top tier in pvp, and also allows you to kill some elite and boss solo with the sustain it gives.

It’s inspired by Bunny Leeching spear build and Sparthan Krotha build, it’s very similar, you can check on internet, they use specific gear on their build, for the great sword it inspire from icyveins tank great sword build except i modified so when you crit you get insane healing passive due to your high health, that allows you to sustain hard, here it’s just a global build for beginners, and have an idea where to go.

If you not satisfied with greatsword you can also use Great Hammer, juste use the icy veins Rend pve build.

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