No Man’s Sky – How to Find The Perfect System / Planet

Please note: all credit goes to esckey123 !

Wanna find a perfect planet or system, did you find a perfect planet but the rest of it is horrible? Want your favorite race and a really good economy system? Well this guide WILL help you.

What Are You Looking For?

NMS Players have preferences for systems like certain races, or maybe a certain type of system wealth. Anything you want, I can narrow it down to these 3 categories.

Catagory 1

This is the Race section. Some people love Korvax or Gek or Vykeen. (I’m a Gek person)

Now this doesn’t matter if it has a certain race, but if you love a race cor have a lot of words learnt, you might want a system of them.How to find them are:

Find the Race Option in the galaxy map by pressing up and down arrows.

  • Yellow Systems= Gek
  • Red Systems= Vykeen
  • Blue Systems= Korvax
  • White Systems= No Data

Catagory 2

2nd one is the wealth of the system, (note, the more stars (max stars 3) in the system, the higher the wealth) This one matters, because the richer the system, the more likely you are to have a good settlement and really good upgrades in the station. Also it just is better to be in it.

How to find these systems are:

  • Find the Wealth Option by pressing up and down arrows

Colder Color: Wealthier

  • Blue and Purple are wealthiest

Warmer Color: Poorer

  • Red and orange are poorest

Catagory 3

3rd one is the Conflict, this one is almost like if it has high conflict, its more likely to have abandoned planets and it will be more likely to have a good freighter when you warp to the system and you battle. Other than this, its useless

How to find these systems are:

  • Find the Conflict option by pressing up and down arrows
  • Red= High conflict
  • Yellow= Medium Conflict
  • Green= No Data or Low conflict

Perfect Planet

Now after you found The PERFECT system, will it have the perfect planet?

Usually you want a Lush planet, or not, but if you do, you want to go to No filter in the options by pressing up and down arrow, if you find a YELLOW system, that’s your best chance because they have the highest chance to spawn a lush world. Almost everyone I have warped to, it spawned a green and blue lush world.

If you don’t, just warp into the system you found, and Enjoy!

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