Noita – How Crits Work

Crits Explanatory Guide

  • Crits multiply all damage types that the projectile deals directly.
  • Other damaging components like plasma’s beam or damage field will not get their benefits.
  • Explosions also work with crits, but not with Crit on X (critical on burning etc), only with other sources of crit.

Crit stacking

  • Crits < 100% is a chance to deal 5x damage
  • Crits > 100% is a guaranteed 5 * crit chance damage multiplier
    • 150% chance = 7.5x multiplier
    • 200% chance = 10x multiplier
    • Etc

Each Crit on X is an extra 100% to the crit chance, which turns into a +5x crit multiplier after the 1st 100%

How Crit on X + X material works

  • Crit on X will add 100% to the crit chance as long as an enemy is under the X effect.
  • X material / trail will add X effect to the shot state so that any projectile in that shot state can apply a temporary X effect on hit.
    • This effect is unrelated to the created material so even if you shift the original material, the X effect will not change.
    • The effect lasts for 720 frames or 12 seconds.
  • X effect is applied directly, not via a stain. Ergo even if an enemy can’t be stained, the X effect will be applied.
    • The on fire effect needed for critical on burning will not always work because there are enemies that are specifically immune to that effect, but no enemy is immune to being wet / oiled / bloody.

The projectile that has Crit on X and X material / trail spell don’t have to be in the same shot state, what has to happen is that:

  • Some projectile that is in the same shot state as X material / trail hits an enemy and applies the X effect.
  • Some projectile that has Crit on X has to hit an enemy under the X effect.

So if you have 1 projectile that applies the effect and another projectile that crits, it will still work fine even if those 2 projectiles are in different shot states.

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    • The best thing I did with my transmogrify, assuming it functions similarly to the other circle spells, was toss it into a hollow egg and watch the mobs engage in absurd combat. Considering that it teleports, would it not be wiser to just eliminate the items you don’t want to deal with?

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