Dungeonborne – The Grim Reaper Boss Guide

How to Defeat The Grim Reaper Boss

Melee 1: It swipes two times quickly after another, simply walk into melee range bait it out then backpeddle, wait for two attacks then hit once or twice depending on your class even a lightning staff can go off here.

Melee 2: It sweeps 1 time, do the same thing as with Melee 1.

Invisible Teleport: It locks on one of you and vanishes -> that person just runs in a straight line and you dodge it easy as it always gets behind you and laughs, walk back and hit it once or twice

Summon Skeletons: It stands still and raises its left hand, It always summons 1 ranged and 1 melee skeleton -> This is your time to DPS it | 2 times lightning staff | Fighter Spin to win | Rogue backstap or front headshots | Just beat it.

After the skeletons are spawned kill them fast while 1 team member keeps aggro on Reaper.

Reaper is Immune to:

  • Deathknight – Grasp of the Dead pull (Still damages).
  • Knockback or stuns.
  • Cryomancer – Freeze (Not slow) this still slows.

Don’t Do These Things:

  • Don’t try to block the attacks, they do some kind of true damage and 100% phys block doesn’t block more than 50% (Maybe it deals shadow damage or just plain true damage)
  • Don’t try to parry it, if you don’t time it perfectly with Melee 2 it one-shots anything else than Fighter/Deathknight – And if it does Melee 1 it will hit you with 2nd attack
    • Impossible to parry the teleport attack, it just one-shots you and the attack goes though shields and swords
  • Ignore spawned minions, they will gather numbers quickly as he usually summons 2-3 times before going down – That would end up in 3 ranged skeletons and 3 melee skeletons

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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