Dungeonborne – Gameplay Tips for Cryomancer

Cryomancer Tips

Here goes some tips and tricks:

  • First thing try to get another lightning staff, so this way you may cast lightning bolt 4 times instead of just 2, and you can use it to melee as well.
  • Try to get as many mobs together then use your Q skill to freeze them all, when they are frozen just spam your staff skill on their heads(works for players as well). Just try to don’t hit your friends! the Q skill also do not have friendly fire so you can try to make a combo with your team, fighter does the spin while you freeze everyone.
  • The E ability you can use for protect yourself or to heal, the cd is not much high and you recover a good amount of hp. Try to use it on combat when rogues initiate on you or fighter spins, then tell your team to help while you try to reposition and cast your other spell.
  • Equipment you should try to get a bit of INT, WILL and STA, try to avoid STR and FTH, this way you could get your best passives working.
  • But take care this class is a mage so it is best played at a safe distance, but when in close combat you can deal some damage as well, try to double click with the staff so you do a 2 hit combo, even tho its not the best it may help you if an enemy get alive out of your freeze and lighting strikes. Also bring some potions as well, in a fight you may not have the chance to use your E skill twice, so its good to bring some more heals.

Additional Tips:

When using 2x lightning staffs in 1 or 3 person play (not arena) try not to burn all 4 charges on your staff when engaging PVE, I’d suggest at MOST 1 off each staff.

I’d suggest focusing on STA perk first as you get a freeze off your ice block which is MASSIVE plus you get extra health for pvp. To me it’s Sta>Int>Dex>Int>Will, you could make a case Sta>Dex>Int>Int>Will.

Last, watch out for things that can interupt your Q channel, like crossbow’s or DK pulls.

I hope you found this helpful!

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