Nova Drift – Space Nuke Build Guide

This guide will teach you a great Grenade + Singular Strike build that lets you essentially oneshot anything below a Warbringer until super late game.

Guide to Space Nuke Build

All credit goes to Maurice!

Early Game

To start, grab Grenade. If you don’t get it on your first roll, abort the run and retry until you get it. Skip the shield gear swap as we’re going to be getting rid of it anyway. Your hull gear won’t matter too much, but it helps to choose something with above average thrust because we’ll be taking Juggernaut and Charge shot. I went with Firefly.

Your first upgrades should focus on directly upgrading your primary fire. Focus on blast radius and damage mods. Make sure you get Payload. Take mines when offered, but don’t spend rerolls on them. Grab hypermetabolism asap, you’ll wanna get it before you get obsession, you don’t want to sacrifice 30% of your max health this early on. (In my run I got obsession offered for the first upgrade lmao.) Don’t grab charge shot until late game, for now it’s better to have higher rpm to deal with larger swarms of enemies. This goes without saying but Grandeur should be taken on sight, regardless of what other upgrades are present, especially if you have obsession.

Once you get most of the upgrades listed above, start aiming to get Fusillade. As far as I know it doesn’t matter which intermediate upgrade you get, so do whatever you feel is best. Twin strike is also very helpful if you happen to see it. By now you should also focus on upgrading hull and regeneration.

When you’re ready, grab rapid reconstruction. You want to be able to quickly heal off damage taken from Antimatter rounds. Shoot for Juggernaut to work towards Singular Strike. In the meantime, mobility upgrades help a lot with dodging.

Mid Game

By around level 20-25, you should have most of the essential mods for the build. Now, we’re going to be collecting the last few mods we need and grabbing Singular Strike and Antimatter Rounds. We’ll also be grabbing secondary mods that will help increase our overall dps.

Once you have Payload and Juggernaut, Singular Strike becomes available. Get this when you’re ready. If you’ve taken Concentrated Blast, get Antimatter Rounds now as well, but only after Singular Strike. In the meantime, collect mods like Splinter for more dps, and Orbs of Discord for damage while charging your shot. Speaking of that, grab Charge Shot now. Upgrades like Force Armor, Adaptive Armor, Efficiency, and Blink are all great choices for survivability. You can also take Calibrated Shot for extra charge synergy.

Mods like Adrenal Module and Rancor will make taking damage not such a bad thing, not that I encourage it. You may also want to work towards getting the last few weapon upgrades to unlock Mastery. Guidance can help with Singular Strike because the singular grenade is relatively harder to hit than 5. If you don’t have them already, grab Minefield and Loaded mines, they can seriously help eliminate pesky enemies while charging your nuke.

Late Game

You should have everything needed now, and are probably beyond wave 100. Now, focus on collecting rerolls for helpful wild mods. Polar inversion is a direct upgrade, sucking enemies into your grenades to be ripped to shreds by cluster bombs. There’s no reason not to take Mastery at this point as it’s a 5% increase to all weapon stats. You can take Heavy Caliber if you can deal with the recoil. If you do this, make sure to take Defiance as well. At this point 90% of enemies are elites and champions anyway, so take Bravado if you see it. Slipstream can be helpful to counteract the thrust reduction from charging and Rancor. Twin strike is a must take if you see it, as it increases the damage of your primary nuke. Scorching wake will slightly decrease dps if no other options are available. You could pivot to a burn damage build and take purification if you’d like but I didn’t do this in my build. And last but certainly not least, Ataraxia is just plain good. +5% damage every level, and +1% hull and thrust every level. No reason not to take it if you have the levels.

Wrap Up

The gameplan of the build is to bide time with Loaded Mines and Orbs of Discord while charging your nuke, and unleashing it at the largest enemy/swarm, often instakilling it. I almost got to 1 million score in my run, but if you focus your build more and play smartly you could probably easily go over 1.5 mil. At the end of the run your build will look something like this, and if you get farther, with probably many more wild mods:

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