Omori – Hikikomori Route Lvl 50 Exploit

In this guide I will tell you how i got my team to level 50 in like 15 minutes for perfectheart. Its relatively easy, you just need the orange oasis and kel with run and gun.

Guide to Hikikomori Route Lvl 50


  • Go to orange oasis.
  • Go to dino dig.
  • Get to the second to last floor.
  • Run straight ahead and to the right and you are guaranteed to catch the “chicken?” every time.
  • If kel has the faux tail and run and gun, you can easily one shot it without it having chance to run.
  • Leave the room through the way you came in.
  • Return.
  • The chicken will be back.
  • Enter a cycle of malicious intent and endless refreshing in order to meet your own agenda, despite putting a poor animal into a vicious tribute of torment.
  • Finish dino dig whenever you feel that you are done levelling, they give like 12000 exp a kill and are basically one hit enemies, so it wont take that long.
  • Last step, become buff. Go hero, be the bodybuilder you were always meant to be.

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