ORX – Guide to Runelord Basic Strategy

Welcome to the Runelord basic strat (please play the tutorial if you feel left alone on how to place a castle or road).

Runelord Basic Strategy Guide


First of all this will be a straight Tactic. Its about strong Enconomy and Castle Spam before Wave 1 hits. Its about Winning all Waves before Wave 1 (sometimes Wave 2) hits so expect to play pause mode only.

You can do way more and different, its not perfect but it will help you reaching act 3 with ez.

Starting with Common Cards

  • Once you start a round you can choose between 3 starting buffs.
  • Common Cards will give you a good advantage on growing big fast.
  • Runelord is all about growing big with a strong enconomy and a op castle.

What Do I Pic?

Aim for:


  • Farmland
  • Castle Heart
  • Milita (Not Spearmans)
  • Straight Road
  • Rune of Gust (Speed)

Less Important

  • Village
  • Mine
  • Lumberjack
  • Smithy
  • Single Wall

What Do I Not Pic?

Dont pic:

  • Crossroads
  • Castleparts
  • Spearman
  • Runes that you allrdy have
  • Curved Road
  • Expensive stuff that you dont need early

1-2 Extra Farmlands (or upgraded later) are Key in this game, once your cards used up all there uses the farmland stays and provides you tons of gold while you just have to spam it and watch your delayed gold grow and grow.

Castle Heart is a cheap and good way to boost your max gold and also provides you with 4 open sides a core point for a good castle that goes around corners.More about castle building later.

Extra Milita, not a must have but very effective first of all you will encounter many Vaults that want you to spawn 3 Milita camps, its sad when you did this before reaching the vault and end up not getting the reward. Also extra Milita early is a good way to Deathgrow your Runes. More about Deathgrow later.

Rune of Gust | Attack Speed Rune is a must have and can be achieved even before the game starts right here. Not much to say about it a Deathgrow rune that boost your attackspeed and is the only good way to boost your speed (If you get the Earth / HP Rune its also very good).

What if i dont get any of this cards?

Pic Village, Roadtiles like Smithy, Mine or Lumberjack, or Single Wall only if you cant pic on of the cards above. This cards will also help you but will be only support not core part! If you get any stupid cards now its your fault. Also its the first Mission right? If you want the same cards then just restart now before you waste time.

Act I – I

Welcome to the first Mission

  • Check where your Vaults are.
  • The Direction of the Vault says in which way ALL your roads will go.
  • But Dad why do i build all my roads this way when i start with a Crossroad?
  • Because your Castle will and has to expand around your HQ.

So the Gods have spoken, the west part of Map will be the Farmland!

Also start Building left and right next to your HQ single walls, like on the picture above

Looks like a Big-Skip but it isn’t.

The Castle:

  • Left and right side of HQ single wall.
  • Left side has a diagonal wall to a connector wall right behind the HQ.
  • The right side of HQ singlewall is connected to a Castle (or any other 4 side open Tile like the Guilds: Sniper Trade).
  • On the East side of the Castle is another diagnoal wall facing down and opens us more connecting points to expand later.

All we have to do now is to place the connector walls into the gaps and our big castle grows.

Meanwhile you expand your roads west (or the direction you had to go) and build farmlands, villages and more farmland.

Now you just stack your Runes into the Castle and expand it aswell as your farmland. Once your castle reaches 50 Dmg you won the first Mission.

Congratz on Winning the first Round

Deathgrow & Runes

Runes like Fire (Dmg), Wind (Speed), Earth (HP) have 4 uses and will not expire once they are used, they will upgrade to the next tier, granting bigger buff for bigger price.

The wind rune is a must have for late game, its the only good way to boost your attack speed.

The earth rune is a must have to boost your castle hp to a crazy never dieing ammount (Also you can use this rune to replanish your destroyed castle or infantry camps while the wave is going on)

How to use runes early till they deathgrow?

  • Build Milita Camps and stack your first runes on them to Deathgrow.
  • Build small 1×2 – 1×3 Castles to stack first runes.

Why not spam them just on Castle early?

Because you will block your castle rune spots with low tier runes before they upgraded themself, i dont say dont put any low tier into your castle, but dont fill it up to the limit with it.

This can be fatal in late game and if you have the chance to learn to avoid this mistake from the begining then you will thank me later…

Useful Runes for Later

If you have one big castle that expands step by step, a Vampire rune is a crazy boost!

If you have no castle heart this bad boi gives you a nice solution to the gold cap.

Midas.. this Rune makes you immortal, because you will see your castle generates gold while fighting the wave.. and we dont talk about 1-5 Gold, we talk about 25-50 Gold on many segments of the Castle… its crazy how hard this can stack once you upgrade it.

Common Beginner Mistakes

  • Crossroads are more confusing then helping, same for Crossroad + Wall.
  • Your hand should only move between Spacebar and 3x Speed button (3).
  • You should play more in pause.
  • Most cards sound fun but dont fit you.
  • Dont take to many Castle parts as reward if your economy is dying.
  • Same goes for Castle enchantment like Bombtowers or Posion.
  • Not building big enough, same for farmlands.
  • Reroll to often while you can plan ahead and place some castle parts to keep shuffling the deck.
  • waiting to long for early gold then using rerolls.

Quick Tips

  • Farmland + Farmland doesn’t need a road, any road between is just extra gold.
  • Dont be scared to waste a village early to close a short road for extra gold, just remember once your cards are out of use your deck will be way smaller and you can spam Farmlands.
  • Upgrade your Farmlands.
  • One long road is enough to spam Lords Share on it.
Written by Minamoto

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  1. Amazing guide. I was struggling with this game but this guide made it much easier to understand what to do. Thanks 🙂

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