Overwatch 2 – All Coffee Locations in Liberation (Toronto Mission) – Canadian Hospitality Challenge

Lots of people have said lots of different things in order to complete this challenge, but just to be safe, interact with all of them. Personally, on launch day, I only drank one coffee and managed to complete the challenge (on Hard difficulty).

Locations of All Coffee’s

  • Canadian Hospitality – Drink a cup of coffee and win Liberation.
  • Rewards: Voice Line (Sojourn) – Spare Gun.

Bean Juice #1 (Stalker Plaza)

Once you get to the first Stalker encounter, go into the Korean BBQ restaurant on the left. It will be on one of the tables.

Bean Juice #2 (King Street)

Before crossing the street to get to Claire, check inside the building on the left, where the second coffee will be on the desk.

Bean Juice #3 (King Street Station)

Before you go down to the subway, check at the top of the stairs on the handrail.

The Good Passenger challenge is also here. Simply interact with the middle terminal to the left of the stairs before going down.

Bean Juice #4 (Red Screen Room)

After the first Subjugator event, you’ll reach the room with 3 red screens. The fourth coffee will be on the middle desk.

Bean Juice #5 (Union Station)

Once you enter Union Station, go to the right where you will find the 5th coffee on the ground, next to the red screen.

Bean Juice #6 (Union Station)

The 6th and final coffee is in the same room as the 5th, but down at the help desk in the middle.

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