Overwatch 2 – Useful Tips for Tracer

How to Get Good at Tracer

Giving advice for tracer is kind of tough because so much of it is just getting mechanically better. First, don’t worry too much about your stats, they aren’t always a good indicator for how much impact you’re having in a match. Like others said, just keep playing. Don’t think you’re going to get better at tracer by playing other characters.

For specific things, don’t blink within your target’s field of view if you can avoid it, make them move their mouse to an area of the screen they can’t already see. This will in general mean you’re still within your guns range while also putting more pressure on your target’s aiming skills. Learn how to compensate your aim before you blink, this comes with practice. Start with something simple and repeatable by blinking directly at your target so you end up on their other side, it will always be a 180 degree turn for your mouse. This isn’t something you should do at higher level play because good players will have this same skill, but it’s a solid point to learn from. Once you’ve gotten that down start learning better angles so that your blinks are unpredictable. Learn to use your melee for finishing kills as well, if the enemy has a single bar of health remaining you can just blink and melee at the same time to secure a kill without waiting for your next reload.

Learn the range of your pistols, tracer’s actual cone of effective damage is fairly generous and helps keep you at a distance where you can pressure a target well with high damage but not be so close that you’re at risk. She can absolutely shred a tank outside of their range very well and not many tanks have great ways of dealing with it, they rely almost entirely on their supports to keep them safe from a tracer which is why killing supports is usually a fight’s win condition. Take some time in the practice range or better yet check out some of the workshop codes for the aim trainer modes, they are quite good.

If you’re on a flank make sure you’re crouching to walk, tracer’s footsteps are loud, blinks are even louder, and coming up on a target unaware is the difference between getting a one-clip on them or not. If you ever get sleeped/stunned/whatever hold down the key for recall, it queues the ability and it will activate immediately as soon as it is able. This goes for any ability on any character aside from a bug here or there.

In general, don’t fight multiple people that are covering for eachother. This is tracer’s biggest weakness, but it’s ok to test your limits and check if the enemy team is actually capable of dealing with you or not. Just because people are playing grouped together doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. If they deal with you easily then you need to play with your team, apply pressure to the tank without risking yourself and press your advantage whenever your team gets it.

Take advantage of high ground, and make it difficult for your enemies to do the same. High ground is king in every OW map, and tracer can do some very annoying stuff with the height advantage. Try dropping on top of a target as they’re walking below you and just unloading everything into their head, if you fail you can duel them a bit but make sure you recall fast enough to put you back onto high ground, which gives you a safe place to recharge your cooldowns and find better opportunities.

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